Your guide to Australian Indie Boardgames at PAX Online

PAX Online is on this week, running from the 13th to the 21st, and thanks to the TGDA’s Collaboratory we’ve got an Australian Indie boardgame portal built right into their Discord API. So here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the crowded channels of the PAX online digital convention hall.

Let’s look at the Discord

First up, if you’re not even in there yet, and you’re wondering where this is all happening here’s your first stop:

That invite will get you into the PAX Discord server where all the fun stuff is happening. Once you get in you’ll have to read through the instructions to help get oriented with their internal bots (which isn’t too difficult, they explain it real well). Then you’re ready to explore!

Next is where to find all the Aussie boardgames!

You’ll find Tabletop Gaming is in the bottom third of the server, and I greatly recommend going through and muting any categories that don’t interest you to avoid notification clutter. The main channel you want to keep a look in is: “Tabletop-lfg-announce”. In here people running games will post a listing that you will be able to join, and other interested people will join as a kind of matchmaking service.

This is what the LFG message look like, where it says ‘Test Game’ will be the title of what game they’re looking to run. For example if I’m running demos of my game Winning Love by Daylight, that’ll show up there. All you need to do is Heart react to the post, which you can either do by clicking on an existing heart react (at the bottom left of the post, as you can see above)

Or if you mouseover the post you’ll see the ‘add react’ button (1) on the right, which will bring up the menu when left clicked on, and you can search for and add a heart manually. Once this happens the Discord bot will put you into a unique and temporary chat room for this game, to help the organiser get you ready with all the tools you need to play the game, such as Tabletopia, their own discord server and so on.

Pro Tip: Some of these games will require you to own Tabletop Simulator on Steam. It’s usually around $28.95 and a lot of people swear by it.

What games are being run?

On the PAX website you can find a full listing of games in the Collaboratory that includes a quick blurb, the designer / publisher and players / minutes info, so you that you can browse through and see which ones interest you.

There’s no set schedule, but there’s nothing stopping you from posting in #pax-collaboratory and asking for a game in particular, or just chatting with whatever designers are online.

Are you as excited as I am about Pax Online? I hope to see you in there, trying out all the exciting things our Indie Boardgame creators have to offer!

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