Year in Review – 2019

Well that went quickly! Hard to believe that’s another year down already. While you could easily scroll back through the last 10 pages or so of articles on the site, I thought I might highlight the choice cuts from each month for you and summarise the year.


The year kicked off for ATGN with Dylan’s review of the Game of Thrones expansion ‘Mother of Dragons’. Published January 5th he felt that Fantasy Flight Games had really ‘nailed it’ with this expansion.

We had a number of deck tech’s for Magic: The Gathering from Keith and Brendan, as well as a look at configuring your side-deck for YGO from Harrison.

At the end of the month Stuart asked the question ‘What is genre in board games?‘ which generated quite a bit of healthy debate on our social media.


By the start of February Josh was very busy in between reviewing several board games like Racoon Tycoon and interviewing folk at CanCon 2019.

Jessica took a a look at ‘Heart of Crown’ from Japanime Games, while Tim got some hands on with an awesome Medieval Inn from Angri Artists for use on the wargaming table.


In March Ivan brought us Part 1 of his ‘Betrayal Legacy’ review. Although he never did bring us Part 2.

Toby got excited about Australian roleplaying game ‘Grey Cells’ and told us to check it out on Kickstarter. He then got rather disappointed with Paizo’s ‘Rise of the Runelords’ campaign for the Pathfinder RPG.

Anthony rounded out the month with a in depth look at ‘Jirachi’ for the Pokemon TCG and it’s impact on the meta.


April was a busy month for Magic: The Gathering players with War of the Spar spoilers aplenty. Brendan kept us up-to-date over the coarse of the month and shared his thoughts with us.

Toby took a look back at his time as a Tournament Organiser for game stores, and shared some advice on what it takes to be a good TO.

Lin brought us his review of ‘Robotech: Attack on the SDF-1’ board game which has a really cool (and large) cardboard robotech figure in the center of the board.

Matt reviewed the Australian made ‘Robin Hood: Hero of the People’ card game.

Toby wrapped up the month with some side-quest ideas for your favourite fantasy RPG.


May was a very busy month, kicking off with Toby’s initial thoughts on the ‘Keep on the Borderlands’ module for the original Dungeons & Dragons RPG.

In an event that stunned the Australian tabletop community, local game developer and publisher Rule & Make closed it’s doors.

The ‘Crawlr’ app launched, designed for tabletop RPG players to find like-minded individuals in a given area. Being that we can all related to the difficulty of finding a game, the app received over 10,000 members in the first 24 hours alone.

Kris took a look at all the different versions of ‘Arkham Horror’ in existence, of which there are quite a few.

While Ryan joined the team and took a detailed look at Australian made RPG ‘Relics: A Game of Angels’, playing the game with his regular group.


June already! It brought with it a rules update for Magic: The Gathering, that being the London Mulligan.

Lin got his brushes into the latest Games Workshop ‘contrast paints’ and hit us with his first impressions.

Holly had a very busy month with board game reviews, which included the ‘Awoken: Roleplaying Boardgame‘ and compact, book-shaped ‘The Damsel’s Tale‘.

In 2017 Ben put together a ‘How To’ guide for miniature storage which saw an enormous amount of consistent traffic. We thought it high time then to put together a 2019 update with improved solutions and updated pricing and links.


With half a year put away already we kicked off July with Ryan’s look at the Dragon Ball Super Special Anniversary Box. Very fancy.

Matt brought us up-to-speed with not one but three new books for the hugely popular (and Australian made) Fragged Empire RPG.

A huge blow to the Brisbane community came with the closure of one it’s most iconic gaming venues. Fastbreak Sports had been owned and operated by Paul Quinn for over 20 years. Anthony was very a much a regular and shared his memories of playing the Pokemon TCG at this premiere store.

Ryan continued his RPG coverage, this time taking a look at ‘The Roleplayer’s Guide to Heists’ and ‘Magical Kitties Save the Day!’, the latter really taking him by surprise.

The month ended with Toby taking a look at some of the predicted changes to the Magic: The Gathering TCG, as well as upcoming changes to the judging program.


August began with Kris taking a look at the Australian made publication ‘The Campaigner’. An independently created tabletop magazine (Yes! A physical magazine!) produced out of Adelaide each and every month.

Ryan popped down to GAMMA.CON in Canberra and took a look at all the tabletop gaming goodness on offer.

Dylan discovered counterfeits of popular board games being brought into the country and sold at locally, directly impacting reputable stores. He shared with us some tips on how to spot the fakes.

After some success with ‘Rise of the Runelords’ for Pathfinder 1E, Toby and his crew had high expectations for ‘Age of Ashes’ for Pathfinder 2E.


Come September and Ben was playing the 1993 classic ‘Man O War’ from Games Workshop with his regular Wednesday Night Wargamers.

We jumped back into Cardfight!! Vanguard and had a look at the changes the recent reboot to the game, what that meant for both new and long term players, as well as cracking open a couple of boosters boxes.

Holly caught up with Phoebe Wild of LudoCherry to take a look at their very unique line of tabletop themed clothing. Very chic! She also took a look at some very fancy wooden gaming accessories from Wyrmwood to store dice or ‘hero’ miniatures.

The month ended with a lengthy piece from Tim that looked at some of the social issues he encountered at gaming stores. Segregation, exclusion, and discrimination.


October is always a busy month, especially with PAX AUS looming on the horizon.

Ivan popped down to the GO Game Market in Melbourne and took a look at everything on show, with a particular focus on tabletop gaming of course.

Stuart informed us of the very best board game to play whilst enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two, or three… or four. Many of us (Stuart included) were quite surprised with the results.

Tim lamented that his games room had shrunk, clearly in a move designed to limit his collecting of miniature war game figures.

Holly took an in-depth look at RONE (Races of New Era), a card game for two to four players. Set in a post apocalyptic world and very much a ‘easy to learn hard to master’ style game with plenty of strategy.

At PAX Barnet spent a few hours playing ‘Judgement’, a MOBA inspired miniatures game. As a fan of League of Legends he was all but dragging us across the show room floor to take a look.

The month ended with Thomas expressing some frustration and letting loose with a rant about the lack of support for players of Yu-Gi-Oh!


November arrived and Kris was taking a look at ‘Zestra’ a board game about Romanian Marriage. It featured some really neat artwork that was almost entire devoid of curves and was an excellent social game.

James took ‘Oom-Pah!’ to school and played it with the music teacher and the students. The game received a lot of attention at PAX AUS and is designed to assist with learning music theory.

2019 was the year of Josh’ very first PAX and he was excited to tell us all about it. With so much to see and play it turned into quite the lengthy recap.

Toby played some ‘Chicken Time Warp’ with his family and friends, and had a heck of a lot of fun doing so, before rage quitting the ‘Age of Ashes’ campaign for Pathfinder 2E.

Kris brought up the subject of House Rules for both tabletop RPG’s and board games, sharing with us some of his favourites.

We concluded the month with Ryan’s look at the ‘Dark Era’ RPG, a 1960’s themed Men-In-Black styled game with plenty of UFO’s and aliens.


We’ve now arrived at December and with it a little reflection of his youth as Toby takes a look at the beginnings of an RPG he made in the late 80’s.

Ivan introduced us to the concept of a ‘megagame’ after participating in a game of ‘For the Crown’.

Harrison played Kamigami Battles from Japanime Games, a strategy card game with plenty of boobs.

Ivan took a look at the some the weird, wild, and wonderful entries to the 200 Word RPG Challenge of 2019.

Last, but certainly not least, was the story of a Brisbane based MTG judge and store being implicated in fraud and the apparent apathy from the Judge Conduct Committee.

Special Thanks

While I’d personally like to take this opportunity to thank all of our contributors on ATGN for their hard work this year, and all of our readers who validate our hard work, I’d also like to take the time to make a special shout out to Felicity.

Felicity had been with ATGN since September 2014 and over the years contributed an enormous amount of content for the site, not least of which was 114 hand draw comics for her “Felicity’s Daydreams” series. One of my hopes for 2020 is to turn these comics into a stand-alone PDF and possibly even a printed booklet.

Felicity is moving abroad with her family and will be taking some time to focus on the move, her family, and herself. We wish her all the best, and hope that one day we might see her incredible talents grace our site again.

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