X-Wing Miniatures – My First Game

What better way to prepare to go and see Star Wars the Force Awakens than to play X-Wing Miniatures. I sat down with a friend of mine to teach me how to play, and I have to say it is a lot of fun.

X-WingThe game itself is elegant and simple, but deep enough to encourage a lively Meta on Fantasy Flights forums. The game involves several Star Wars fighter craft engaging in a dogfight with other spacecraft. Players can select models from the Empire, Rebels or Scum and Villainy fleets. Having a wide range of craft from across eight waves of models means that practically every game is going to be different.

Each type of craft has a movement dial, depicting the types of maneuvres the craft can make. Some of these will give the pilots benefits, while others will stress them out. Following maneuvers, any craft that are in range of their enemy may make their attacks.

X-Wing Slave One chaseHighlights from our game include shooting Boba Fett’s ship, the Slave One, with an ion cannon enough times that it locked up and flew off the map, as well as out-flying tie fighters through an asteroid field and having 3 tie fighters chasing a single X-Wing around for half a game.

The game plays simply enough and is cheap enough that you can buy a box of ships, enter them into a tournament and hold your own against someone that has spent hours researching and assembling “the perfect army”. Models come fully assembled and painted so there is very little effort needed to set up an army, but the paint is thin enough that if you are crafty or creatively inclined you can repaint the models to have your own custom paint job.

X-Wing tie fighters chaseWhile most of the attacks rely on dice rolls, there are a lot of tactics required to be a competent player of X-Wing. You need to know what your ships are capable of and be able to predict the movement of enemy ships, while exploiting the gear that you have picked up.

I highly recommend this game for any fan of Star Wars and encourage younger gamers to get into it too. The fun of re-creating Star Wars inspired dogfights in space, fighting against the empire or crushing the rebels cannot be understated. Plus, Wave 8 includes ships that tie in really well with the release of Star Wars the Force Awakens, I’m looking forward to playing as Poe Dameron and cleaning up tie fighters.

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