Wyrm Lyfe: Getting your Tabletop Fix in Lockdown

Last year I had the wonderful privilege to receive a pair of Wyrmwood Hero Vault 2.0 samples to review for their Kickstarter. I did a little digging on their website and Kickstarter for the review and ever since then I’ve been getting sporadic YouTube recommendations for their vlog series called Wyrm Lyfe. I watched a couple as they popped up in the feed and thought they were a cool look into the workings of a nerd based wood working company. But as the second lockdown came over Victoria, and I’ve gotten sick of reading books, and scrolling through Netflix; I decided to dive right into this vlog series and binge watched the whole thing, start to finish. This was a good decision.

Wyrm Lyfe is a behind the scenes vlog of the inner workings for Wyrmwood. Wyrmwood is a quality woodworking company that sells tabletop gaming supplies, like dice towers and trays, mini storage, fantastic gaming tables and the occasional custom project for other nerd things like Critical Role, Tak and Divinity Original Sin.

Their vlog covers things like the design process of Wrymwood products, the arrival of new machinery, general crafting, event coverage at shows like PAX and GenCon and meet ups with fans and other nerd creators. This is all held together by a great cast of employees who all clearly love their jobs and shit talk each other as much as any other work place. It’s an honest depiction of a company, producing tabletop supplies and gets better in quality of both content and editing as it goes, until the notification for a new episode is an true spark of joy.

I’ve been missing my RPG group in person, and we found that Tabletop Simulator didn’t cut it. While we still play other games together over Discord, that table top itch can’t be scratched right now, and Wyrm Lyfe was a great distraction. Currently with five and a half seasons, with about twenty episodes at ten minutes each, those numeracy inclined folks will see there’s more than fifteen hours of content in the series. The ten minute chunks make for an easy to digest format and are never too heavy, even when things go wrong in the show. Its light hearted fun, with genuinely nerdy content and boast moments like almost disasters moving seventy thousand dollar machines around, the healthy fear craftsmen have of the Quality Control boss and general shenanigans that happen in any work place for you to see, and be a part of. It’s the exact kind of content I’ve needed while stuck at home.

I’m truly thankful to Wyrmwood for making this lockdown a little easier, They well and truly converted me into lifelong fan. So if you’re missing you RP group, or dreaming of hardwood tabletop supplies, if you like vlogs or woodworking or behind the scenes videos, then Wyrm Lyfe might be worth your time.

Check out their playlist on YouTube here
You can get in on Dice Pre-Orders through Backerkit here
And keep an eye on Kickstarter for their upcoming affordable gaming table, launching some time this month.

(Also if anyone from Wyrmwood sees this, and you want more anymore reviews for products, I’ll clear my schedule for you… just saying)

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