What’s Your Number?

The Australian Tabletop Gaming Network team has taken a look at a couple of ‘Player Ten’ games now in the form of Hot Seat and Pick Your Poison. I’m here today to continue the trend with a look at What’s Your Number?

As with the previous two titles we have looked at What’s Your Number? is a party game designed for 3-16 players (although I’d recommend 4-6 personally) and has an estimated playtime of about 30-60 minutes, although it’s really going to depend on the amount of players.  As with the previous two games we looked at What’s Your Number? also comes in both ‘Safe for Work’ and ‘Not Safe for Work’ flavours.  Naturally being the mature team we are here at ATGN and not up for any kind of shenanigans we played the NSFW version.

What’s Your Number? consists of a small game board that has the numbers 1 to 100 upon it. The box also includes cardboard player tokens, a score pad, instructions, and a chunky deck of cards with questions on them.

Play is fairly straight forward, players draw a hand of five cards.  A ‘Question Master’ and ‘Subject’ are selected.  Everyone except the Question Master picks a card from their hand that they’d like the Subject to answer and without revealing it or saying anything hand it to the Question Master. The Question Master then chooses one card (and the question on it) for the Subject.  For example this question might be ‘How much do you like Nachos?’.  The Subject then writes on a piece of paper a value between 1 and 100 defining how much they like Nachos.  All players except for the Subject then place their player token on a number on the board, attempting to guess the correct number or get the closest.  The Subject then reveals their number and whomever was the closest gets to keep the question card and pop it into their score pile, with the first to eight winning the game.  If you happen to guess exactly you take an extra card from the deck and add it to your score pile as well.

Whoever scored a point in the previous round becomes the next Subject, and the previous rounds Subject becomes the Question Master.

Pretty straight forward and easy right?  There are also a number of ‘House Rules’ included in the instructions and as expected in the NSFW version of the game at least these include drinking game rules that include sips and shots.

Much like any party game the amount of fun you have with it depends on those you are playing with and just how much booze is on the table.  Although both the SFW and NSFW versions of the game are going to play better if everyone at the table is genuinely honest.  For the NSFW version this could reveal some very interesting (if not embarrassing) knowledge of your friends as most of the questions are to do with sex.  Although the SFW version doesn’t include a few curve balls such as ‘Peeing in a pool’.

With the right group of people (and the possibility of some booze as well) What’s Your Number? has the potential to be an awful lot of fun with plenty of laughs.  You’re probably only going to play it with a certain group only once, but that’s fine as I can see it’s the sort of game that sits in the cupboard and is brought out for just those occasions.

Currently you can pickup a copy of the game for $25 USD from the American Amazon store, hopefully we will see a listing on the Australian store soon.

So on a scale of 1 to 100 ‘How likely would I be to purchase this game?’, my number is 80. What did you guess?

Official Website – https://playerten.com/products/whats-your-number
Amazon USA Page – https://www.amazon.com/Whats-Your-Number-Adult-Card/dp/B07BKRNZXG/

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