Warhammer: The Old World will be 28mm!!

Anything else would be loony. Seriously!

Recently a colleague of mine, Toby here at ATGN, posited that Warhammer: The Old World, a new Specialist Games/Forgeworld release due some time in the future, will be 15mm. Come on people. Really?

The only little tiny combatants will be the ones in this logos shadowy background!

There were a lot of emotive arguments about trends in scale changes in other games, cost benefit analyses. Discussion about Games Workshop being in the business of selling miniatures and how a new game that’s compatible with the now defunct range would be anathema to that.

It’s nonsense, utter plop!

Subtlety, my stock and trade.

Look, in all fairness, Toby has made some well considered points. The thought process is sound and there is certainly a lot of “evidence” to support the premise.

Here’s why it’s not very likely…

They did a small scale fantasy once before…

Remember Warmaster, if you don’t that’s no surprise. It didn’t go very well.

Now before the diehard Warmaster fans Dox me. It was a pretty good game. I have an Empire army for it. Its rules were simple and easy to understand. The game still had tactical depth despite the simplicity. If riffed on De Bellis Antiquiatis, and did a better job of it.

That’s all we found. Does this guy even know about the grid?

You know what I don’t have to go with my Warmaster Empire… an opponent. The game sold poorly. The range was limited and difficult to buy. People just didn’t pick it up.

Then it was gone…

Oh yeah, they tried it twice!!

Gandalf is like a whole army right?

That’s right, they tried it twice.

Now you might think that way back in the distant past, maybe the late 80’s?

Nope. In 2005, during peak Lord of the Rings hype. GW released Battle of the Five Armies. When Games Workshop couldn’t keep pace with miniatures required for the Lord of the Rings Miniature Game, they dropped another LOTR vehicle that straight up bombed.

“It was a splash release dude.”

Nope. They had a whole range of extra models you could buy. Including adding Smaug to the game. You know, the guy whose death starts the ball rolling on the battle.

GW had a whole range ready to roll. The game was pretty solid.


Quick… stick some Necrons and Marines in a box and try again!!

“But now the market is different.”

Is it? There is not a lot of growth in the Historical 15mm player base. Why would GW think that they could improve their sales with that scale?

Sometimes it feels like GW spins straw to gold with every release. Quite alot of stuff has faceplanted in the last few decades.

Even now, how many of us are actually scooping up the latest Aeronautica releases. How many teams have you made for Kill-Team lately?

How have you hobbied for me lately?

Blackstone Fortress got cancelled. That’s not something that happens to games that are selling well.

Sure they can make 15mm super detailed. But why bother?

This is probably the most foolish argument I have seen bouncing around the net. Yeah they can. I have a 3d printer. Detail everywhere.

GW has been doing super detailed models for years now. The kits are feats of engineering and beauty… that keep getting bigger.

Yeah they totes wanna move away from this. This is dull.

They haven’t scaled down anywhere. They have gone bigger. More space for detail. More interesting poses. The cynic in me even thinks more surface area to paint! They sell paint you know.

Forgeworld… They have gone bigger too!

When forgeworld first started, they had an unoffical motto. We do the models that are too big for GW main to do. That hasn’t changed.

Check out the current range. Big is beautiful people. Forgeworld won’t wanna do a piddling range of teensy models. They are about spectacle.

Forgeworld, synonymous with restraint!!

They are also about volume. They didn’t make the rules for The Horus Heresy a small scale skirmish game now did they.

Old Armies will be irrelevant.

GW has teased a bit about the setting. It seems that the game will be set further back in the Warhammer timeline. Some rumors suggest the Time of Three Emperors, where the Empire was caught in a brutal civil war as multiple contenders to the throne tried to assert their dominance.

What we have seen is that Kislev will be present, and likely Bretonnia. How these factions will be designed is anyone’s guess. The images teased for Kislev suggest all new unit types… That pretty much precludes the old 3rd ed Ungol Horse Archers.

Almost identical right?

GW are no fools. They just finished shaking up both the old Warhammer universe and 40k, giving us AoS and 8th and 9th edition 40k respectively. They jammed a whole lot of new kits into the range and got rid of a whole lot of old ones. There aren’t a lot of people running around with cobbled together Rogue Trader Marines with Space Crusade contingents anymore.

People get the hots for “the new shinies” and scoop it up at a record breaking pace. We didn’t even slow down for Covid19… Planes did, not mandollies though.

Im super excited…

It will most likely be a 28mm miniature game, with some oversize, ostentatious giant Forgeworld models. There was some talk at the start that the game is about the fans of the old Warhammer world. That kinda indicates that the game will be similar to previous offerings. What I can say for sure…

My wallet has already started weeping and we are still a year or more out. That’s enough time for me to get something painted… right. Let’s not hurt ourselves too much with the speculating.

I’ll definitely get something painted… haha…ho..ho…hahaha!
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