Want a job? Games Workshop is hiring.

Games Workshop doing something unusual? No…can’t be, they are the the epitome of a perfect company that never has odd, off the wall business practices.

Oh wait…that’s all they have been doing recently. I should be keeping a list, because there is another strange move to add to it.

A ‘CE’, or Chief Executive, is a very important role within a company, generally being the biggest boss of them all. So one would think, that when a company was in need of a new CE, that there would be a pretty extensive process involved. I would think that a person lower in rank would take up the roll, since said person would know the workings of the company, whereas an outsider would not. And even then, if there was no one suitable to fill that roll, then there would be certain channels that they would go through to find an outside hire, perhaps something a bit more reliable than what they have chosen.

You know how they are looking for a new CE? They have it up on their website in their Careers & Recruitment section.

I would think that a person who would be suitable for that roll would not normally be browsing the GW Careers section. It just seems like a very odd place to advertise it.

It could be that the company is wanting to go in a completely different direction than the sort of person who normally has that sort of job. Maybe by posting on their site, they will come across a player who also happens to have several business degrees and could bring fresh new (and hopefully not bat-poo insane) ideas to the table.

It would be really amusing if some shlub managed to get the job, and make an even larger hash of the whole thing than has already happened. Maybe I should apply…

If you are interested in this, for a laugh or even seriously, head over here for a look and the information needed to apply.

To end with, an amusing cartoon depicting no specific company whatsoever.

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