Vampire the Masquerade 5E – New Orleans 1920’s – Part 2

So it’s been a couple of weeks. That was mainly due to players having work commitments they couldn’t avoid, but now we’ve finally had our first session of Vampire: The Masquerade 5E in 1920’s New Orleans.

Even more exciting is we had all players on deck, that’s six player controlled kindred running around the town, each with their own wicked agenda’s.

Out coterie includes –

Ventrue (Myself) – German descent and very much a traditional Ventrue character. Expensive suits, plenty of cash, a sense of authority, entitlement, and arrogance. I’m older than my twin brother by a few minutes and slightly larger and better looking than he, although he has the brains to make up for it.

Ventrue – Also of German descent and my twin brother. Where I use my stunning good looks, charisma, and supernatural ability to Awe folks, my brother is about Dominate and intimidation. Together we’re going to be a formidable force to deal with in New Orleans.

Gangrel – Of American-Indian descent. We’re only one session in so we aren’t entirely sure where his loyalties lie at the moment. He seems fairly content to keep to himself or frolic with the werewolves out on the bayou.

Toreador – Hailing from France. Outlandishly dressed, and possibly the only vampire in town more arrogant than the Ventrue. Like most Toreador he seems distracted and not focused on the task at hand. Likely because he is spooked by the grotesque Nosferatu.

Nosferatu – From ‘Mother Russia’. He skulks, tries to stay unseen, and pries into everyone else’s business. He hides himself behind his Sire for safety, and is the only vampire aside from the Gangrel whose Sire can be found in New Orleans.

Caitiff – Local? Not a great deal is known about this particular vampire, although he smells of Tremere. Why this piece of clanless trash is afforded any kind of common courtesy alludes my brother and I at present. Definitely one to keep an eye on though as he’s already been seen getting ‘chummy’ with the Nosferatu freak.

Our Storyteller has certainly setup and interesting premise, and clearly there have been a number of political plays that have occurred in recent history. The Prince (a Tremere) appears fairly weak and incompetent, how then did he depose the previous Venture Prince? He doesn’t even have a functioning network to gather information and deal with problems as they arise (instead asking for the help of kindred who have recently arrived in town).

Short of there being a much more powerful force hiding behind this Prince his imminent downfall is inevitable. With multiple Masquerade breaches already occurring in town (and presently left unattended) as well as several other violations of vampire tradition, it surely can’t be long until the Justicars send an Archon to investigate.

In this first session we learnt that children were missing from the poor quarter, some of which have turned up dead with puncture wounds on their neck and blood drained. We learnt of a strange vampire cult on the edge of town converting mortals to kindred at their whim. Finally, we heard rumour of Hunters in town, possibly police who have recently transferred.

For the first two rumours we were pointed in the direction of another kindred in town, this time a religious zealot of the Malkavian clan. As far as I and my Ventrue brother are concerned Malkavian’s are one of the lowest of the low, and any excuse to have this piece of filth removed from our city would suit us just fine.

While the Nosferatu and Caitiff poked around in the rat filled basement of the church this fanatic lived in, a quick discussion with the Malkavian satisfied my brother and I that he knew nothing.

Instead we did what Ventrue do best, headed back to our speakeasy ‘Black Rabbit’ and made plans within plans within plans.

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