Two new items on Kickstarter

It is a bit of a slow news week right now, nothing much seems to be happening at the moment. So in lieu of more normal releases, I’ve come across a couple of interesting Kickstarters. I don’t post every Kickstarter I come across that has to do with Tabletop Gaming because I would be posting a lot of articles all the time, so I just keep an eye out for the interesting ones. The two I have here fit into that, Chance at Zombies and Time Heroes.

Chance at Zombies

“Action packed social adventure game. Designed to stimulate Social Interaction. Compete & Cooperate. Survive & Escape…”

An interesting looking board game that centers around surviving zombies. Some people think zombies are a slightly overdone genre these days, but if the context is done well, it can still be great. This game is intriguing because of that simulated social aspect. It has similarities to both MunchkinQuest and DungeonQuest, with a randomly generated board through room cards. but the group motif is a lot more central to the game. Looks to be an interesting concept.

Kickstarterer here.


Time Heroes

“Comedic Adventures with Time Heroes, Inc. Be a cyborg, a plumber or even Beethoven, and stop Morgan la Fey’s plan for world domination!”

While the previous one was a board game, this is a role playing game. It is a system based around the Fate Core System that lets the players play any person from any time period, all for the purpose of stopping the central evil character Morgan la Fey. Definitely a comedy system. This caught my attention because there are not too many dedicated comedic systems that I’ve come across. I know there is the Munchkin one, and probably a slew of smaller published ones, but I don’t know of them. Could be a laugh.

Kickstarter here.

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