The Yummiest of all Dice

Everyone likes tasty things to eat. If you don’t you are a strange person. But what about tasty things to look at? I’ve found some dice that fulfill this, and somewhat local too.

Yummy Dice is a ‘one-man-band’ operating out of New Zealand. The website offers a (currently) smallish selection of dice, mostly based on a range of deserts and fruit. There are such ‘flavours’ as Cotton Candy, Raspberry and Lemonade, Kiwifruit, Lemon Sherbert, Dragon Fruit and more. I bought some for myself to have a look at, and decided I needed to share what I found with all the other dice enthusiasts out there.

I bought three sets, Kiwifruit, Watermelon and Dragon fruit. After having a good inspection of the dice, I am happy to say that they are really well done. Of course, a lot of small operators like this don’t make the dice themselves, not everyone can have their own manufacturing plant like Q-Workshop. But the creator has worked with an existing manufacturer to bring his ideas to life.

Of the three sets I have, they do look remarkably like the fruit they are based on. The Kiwifruit has three layers. An opaque brown layer, the skin. A clear green layer with dark flecks, the flesh of the fruit. And a translucent white layer on top, representing the core of the kiwifruit. The Watermelon and Dragon Fruit are similar in design, with two thin layers at the bottom, and the majority of the dice being clear with flecks. The Watermelon is green, white and red. The Dragon Fruit is red, white and yellow. I have no qualms with the quality of the dice, they are well made, with good polishing, no cracks or marks, and good inking. I would have liked to see the brown and white layers on the kiwifruit to be a bit thinner perhaps. And the Dragon Fruit could have been clear with flecks instead of yellow. But these are just minor things, and definitely do not detract from the dice in total.

I got in contact with Zed, the proprietor of Yummy Dice, to find out his story. A common case, he started out young with wargaming and moved onto tabletop RPG’s shortly after. During a game, a friend of his commented that a dice set he had looked particularly edible, and wanted to have a nibble. This started Zed thinking about how dice could be cute and delicious-looking, and it all progressed from there. He has the goal of making his own dice, and basing some of them on such iconic New Zealand ice cream flavours as Jelly-Tip and Goody Goody Gum Drops. I, for one, whole-heartedly support this, and would buy those flavours of dice immediately.

Zed even throws in a few lollies into each package, so you have something to satiate your hunger, instead of eating such delicious-looking dice. I know it won’t mean much to most people, but the lollies I got in my package brought back a lot of memories. There is a lolly in New Zealand called a Tangy Apple. It is a simple apple flavoured, toffee-esque sweet that I enjoyed a lot as a child, but they are unavailable in Australia. Having one of those, and a Tangy Passionfruit too, just made my day.

I do like to support local talent when it comes to tabletop gaming, and since I am originally from New Zealand, that is local to me as well as Australia. I urge others to do the same as well, as the more home-grown talent we can nurture, the more great things will come. So go check out Yummy Dice. Their pricing is really quite good and they have a good selection for all those dice connoisseurs out there.

Yummy Dice Website and Store
Yummy Dice Facebook page

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