The Wyrmwood Hero Vault 2.0: Review

Wyrmwood are a group of craftsmen out of New England that build quality hardwood gaming accessories. Their products include dice towers and rolling trays, mini and dice holders – tiles for holding various tabletop components and even a couple of beautiful gaming tables with all the add-ons you could dream of.

They’ve recently put up a Kickstarter for the Hero Vault 2.0 which features hard wood mini and dice holders. The Kickstarter will be up until October 4th, with prices ranging from $25 USD to $500 USD, depending on woods and engraving and such. They’ve been fully funded and are now more than twenty times over their original goal.

It’s a rework of their original Hero Vault, which was a square hard wood container for your dice or miniatures. This time they’ve added some cool new features and improved the product overall. The Hero Vault 2.0 is a hexagonal hard wood container for minis and or dice. It’s of a size with Wyrmwood’s Tabletop Tiles range and will fit in a stack of these perfectly. They come with a nice thumb groove for easy opening, rare earth magnets to hold the case closed and foam inserts to stop anything from rattling around or getting damaged. They’re bigger than their original design and snap together firmly in a way that’ll never slip open and spill your wares by accident.

The folks over at Wyrmwood sent me one Katalox wood dice interior and a Padauk Mini interior Hero Vault 2.0. Both are beautifully engraved with the Wrymwood logo and snap together on those rare earth magnets like a treat. The Katalox is a much harder and darker wood, where the Padauk is closer to red and is a little softer, but is still durable enough to last a lifetime. Both are beautiful pieces that I’ll undoubtedly be taking to my next game session to show off, and will transport my gaming wares safely and in style. No paint’s rubbing off that mini in transport when I spent five hours painting it any more.

The Hero Vault 2.0 Kickstarter will Service the two sizes (mini and dice size) in the following woods:
-Red Oak
-White Oak
-Black Walnut
-Aromatic Cedar
-Black Poisonwood
-Red Zebrawood
-Bolivian Rosewood
-Goncalo Alves
-Claro Walnut
-Bird’s Eye Maple
-Spalted Tamarind
-Macassar Ebony
-Figured Myrtle

So you can rest assured they’ve got woods in every colour and hardness that you could dream of. They’re also running reward tiers for different engravings on the box, featuring art from Deven Rue and Crystal Sully. Finally, they’re running the “Gaia Tier” which allows you to pick a flower type and have that pressed and sealed into the top of your Hero Vault to make sure you’ll always know which one is yours.

Deven Rue’s art is shown in the “Mistress of the maps” tier and engraves your box with some beautiful cartography that looks like its come straight off a fantasy map.

Crystal Sully’s art appears in the “Maker of the Monster” tier and features various monstrous figures that can be engraved on your Hero Vault. You even get some 5th edition Dungeons and dragons stats for each of the monsters created for this tier.

If you love yourself a couple of fancy gaming accessories, some exquisite craftsmanship and Beautiful Hardwoods, you should take a look at Wyrmwood and their Hero Vault 2.0.

The Hero Vault 2.0 will ship worldwide.
Check out the Kickstarter here
And the other Wyrmwood products here

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