Normally its Nazis. If you know anything about RPGs, you know that the ultimate enemy is Nazis, and they can be worked into any adventure or campaign as something evil to stick your sword (or other relative killing device) into. But Paizo has decided to stray away from that possibly overdone path and put Russians as the baddies instead, with that all round nasty fellow Rasputin as the Head Honcho Nutter.

This new adventure, Pathfinder Adventure Path #71: Rasputin Must Die!, is part of the The Reign of Winter Adventure Path that Paizo is currently putting out. The PCs find themselves in Russia in 1918 facing off against animated tanks, headless Cossacks, and the “Mad Monk” himself, Rasputin, as well as large groups of World War 1-era Russian soliders. For these soldiers, Paizo has introduced a new sub-type; Troop.

Troops function a lot like swarms, but instead of consisting of Tiny or smaller creatures, they are typically made up of small or medium creatures. This makes combat move forward more quickly, since each Troop represents a collection of creatures with a single stat block, rather than having to worry about each individual creature.

You can go here to the Paizo Blog to get the exact low-down on the Troop sub-type and here is the product page for the adventure.

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