The Hidden Gems of Kaldheim

You might’ve seen some of the deck tech articles I put together for lists I was excited to brew with for the Kaldheim release, but this time will be slightly different. This time, we’re going to walk through the whole Kaldheim set, and pick out some top picks that you might’ve missed or glossed over.

Kicking it off is Stalwart Valkyrie. I completely slept on this card when I was looking through spoilers. If you’re playing an aggro deck of mono white or maybe white red. You play a creature turn one that meets an unfortunate end before you untap, you get to play this on turn two, for two. (With a minor benefit of removing and Scavenging Ooze shenanigans later.)

This is another one that I completely didn’t notice until I had a chance to open up some packs and play some sealed. Playing limited this card is a must include, but sits super nicely in any aggressive deck, where your creature with summoning sickness just becomes a crewmember for a turn, to keep the pressure on. Other cool note, that all the runes that Enchant Permanent to give an effect, combo super nicely on this one.

Glimpse of the cosmos is a card that I dismissed into being stuck in the UR Giants archetype that this set seems to be pushing. Until I saw someone resolve it with a Masked Vandal in play, using the changeling ability to hit the Giant requirement. The same goes for Faceless Haven which could be in any control deck with snow. Super versatile, and potentially dismissed easily as I did!

This card gave me flashbacks to how dominant Pack Rat was in RTR limited sets. Dragonkin Berserker is such an army in a can, that if you can get it to attack, you’re going to get some dragons. Playing this is the big mono red decks, alongside Goldspan Dragon and Terror of the Peaks, is going to make dropping a 5/5 flier, for three mana post combat absolutely terrifying.

I completely slept on this card as well, as the front half feels about as useful as Simian Spirit guide in a storm deck. However the second side of this feels like an absolute monster. In the big red deck, where you’re just waiting for a threat to rip off the top, this card will let you dig to your hearts content.

Roots of Wisdom is a card that I Really Really want to be eternal playable. It looks like it has such a good utility, and even though RnD seems to be pushing a graveyard BG elf deck for standard, this might work in legacy in stuff like Eternal Garden, with the neat option of recurring a Reclamation Sage.

Fall of the Imposter combos so neatly with a bunch of things, and then it’s final mode just straight up obliterates your opponents best creature. I really like the synergy this one has with Sarulf, as you can wind up Sarulf’s first ability to try and exile a bunch of things, and then Fall of the Imposter grabs their biggest most expensive thing, and Sarulf gets the rest.

Hopefully this gives you a fresh look at the different cards to be brewing with in Kaldheim instead of just seeing the top priced ones. Good luck brewing!

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