The chances of anything coming from mars…

…are a million to one, they said. But still, they come.

If you are unaware, that line above, including that from the title of this article, is from War of the Worlds, a book written by H. G. Wells at the end of the 19th century. I enjoy the story immensely, and the musical made from it is even better. Not too long ago I put up an article about H. G. Wells and his miniature wargaming, and now I mention him again when it comes to aliens from Mars.


But, this article is not about War of the Worlds, I was using that to lead into Martians, and from there, to Mars Attacks!, a 1996 movie about Martians coming to Earth and causing all sorts of kerfuffles. And we move on again to Mantic Games and their starting up a Kickstarter for their Mars Attacks! board game. Finally I have revealed the point of this article, and it is worth the wait.

The Mars Attacks! movie was quite funny, and Mantic Games knows how to make games, so the combination of those two should work well together. I’ve read through the Kickstarter and the game does claim to have ‘Over the Top Violence’, ‘Wacky Events and Cinematic Action’, ‘Story Driven Action’ and more. So there are good hopes for it, and it looks like it will stay fairly true to the movie in those respects. It does go more beyond a normal board game though, it has a lot of similarities to table top wargaming. In the box, you will get a good number of highly detailed, pre-assembled miniatures in coloured plastic. They don’t come painted, like the ones in the pictures are below, but they can be painted the Kickstarter page claims, so they must be made of a plastic that supports being painted. Some board games, the plastic some miniatures are made of is too soft to be painted.

The pricing is very good as well. A pledge value of $100 will get you a  copy of the game and $50 worth of add-ons that they have available, like extra models or mats. Also, any pledge of that level or higher will get all the stretch goals, which there are already several of, so even more bits. There is also scenery included in the box and everything else you need to play, right at the get go. It rolls on an easy dice rolling system, but still has a highly tactical side to it, so it should appeal to a large group of people.

I couldn’t find a delivery date on the page, estimated or otherwise. The Kickstarter, at the time of writing, still has 36 days left, and it is already almost 4 times over their goal, so it will go through. I read on the Mantic Blog that they made the $50,00 goal in 14 minutes, pretty amazing. Here is the link for it: Mars Attacks! I think this would be a very worth while thing to get, since the inherent value of the packages and the quality of the pieces I am seeing in there. If I could afford it, I would go for it, but alas, I am poor.


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