Super Fantasy Brawl

I quite like cooperative board games. I like getting together with a bunch of friends, and trying to beat the game itself. A bunch of my growing board game collection are cooperative. But sometimes it is fun to just get in a battle area against someone else, and wail on each other till someone wins.

Fresh out of its Kickstarter, Super Fantasy Brawl is, as I just mentioned, a battle area game. It supports two or four players, in either 1v1 or 2v2 configurations and takes 30 – 40 mins per game, if the side of the box is anything to go by.

Super Fantasy Brawl has been brought to us by Mythic Games. They already have a couple of games out, being Enchanted and Reichbusters, but they have more coming too. They have completed Kickstarters for a Darkest Dungeons board game, and one I am looking forward to, HEL: The Last Saga (which I backed on Kickstarter for a fairly large chunk of change).

First thing I noticed is the size of the box, it is a hefty lad. But this is because of the size of the included miniatures, which are more of a 50mm scale, rather than the more common 28mm scale. This is further increased by the included storage solutions for all the miniatures, cards and tokens. This is very much appreciated, as storage for game components is quite important for me, and the reason I got into 3D printing in the first place. All the components of the Super Fantasy Brawl are of good quality. The miniatures are well sculpted and have great detail, and are made of a good quality plastic suitable for painting. The version we received is the expanded Kickstarter version with plastic replacements for cardboard tokens. This version is now only available from the Mythic Games E-shop. The contents of the retail release may vary.

Now onto the game itself.

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles before, when trying out a new game with a group of friends, I am typically the one who is slung the rulebook, and must figure out how to play it. When it comes to Super Fantasy Brawl, this was quite easy. The basic premise of the game is each player controls three Heroes. They use those Heroes to beat on the other Heroes, and to complete challenges, for Victory Points. The first player to five Victory Points immediately wins. This is explained in a short rulebook, with some extra rules for Hero drafting and four player mode. Everything is explained well enough and doesn’t include needless information. I would have liked to see some Player Aid cards or sheets with the ability keywords on it, so we didn’t have to keep referring back to the manual when we needed to know what something meant. Easy enough to make your own though.

Combat is controlled by cards unique to each Hero. The player shuffles together all their Hero cards, and draws a new hand each round. Cards are activated with a resource system consisting of three colours of magic. Once a card is activated, the Hero will perform the action indicated on the card. This covers attacks, utility actions and reactions. Turns progress until someone reaches that five VP goal.

That is pretty much it. Games will progress as fast or as slow as the players want. When I was playing with a friend, I found I was completing my turns quicker than him. Of course, if both players are fine with this, then there is no issue, but I prefer a quicker pace. This gave me the idea that there could be a turn time limit, akin to Speed Chess, but that is something I will work out later on.

Overall, I really enjoyed Super Fantasy Brawl, as did my friends who played with me. The production quality of the game is very high, the miniatures look really nice. The rules are easy to understand and implement. It doesn’t take much time to set up or break down, meaning it doesn’t have to be an all-day endeavour to bust out a few games. Got a spare hour before an roleplay session while waiting for a couple of members to turn up? Perfect time to have a few brawls! Even though a retail version isn’t out yet, pricing is looking to be around the $70 mark for the core box. Look for it around September.

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