Standard Grand Prix Trial at Ace in Brisbane


GPT top 8 at Ace: Annerley


G’day ladies and gents. I have a quick update this week with another Grand Prix: Melbourne Trial having taken place in Brisvegas on February 9th, this time at Ace: Annerley. A robust attendance of 35 signalled a strong interest in the current standard format and again hinted at a huge band of Magic nerds planning to head down to Melbourne at the end of the month. Congrats to Nick Carter who won the 2 byes in his second consecutive GPT top 8 appearance. There was a diverse metagame on Sunday as evidenced by the list of top 8 competitors below:

  1. Nick Carter – GR Monsters (Decklist)
  2. Joseph Cooper – GR Monster (Decklist)
  3. Luke Stasiuk – Bwr Devotion (Decklist)
  4. Jonathan Winter – Gu Devotion (Decklist)
  5. Sam Sedgman – Bw Devotion (Decklist)
  6. Cristian Pippia – Bw Devotion (Decklist)
  7. Dave Parsons – Blue Devotion (Decklist)
  8. Pat Goodall – Esper Control (Decklist)

If you’re a Queenslander and planning to go to GP: Melbourne then ‘good on ya’ and also head over to the facebook group for us intrepid travellers over here. We will be discussing important things like accommodation, metagame gauntlets and top tier drinking locations close to the venue! Travelling for Grand Prix’s is one of the more entertaining ways to play Magic and a great way to just have fun with your mates. Let’s bring home that trophy!

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