Six of the Rest: Brewing with Kaladesh

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Harrison here with another Magic: The Gathering article for you folks. As you may know, each time a new set rolls around, we see cards that immediately jump out as superstars. Names such as Grim Flayer, Liliana, the Last Hope and Archangel Avacyn should be familiar to you all. Out of Kaladesh, the most recent set to be released, you will either cheer or shudder at the thought of Smuggler’s Copter and Fleetwheel Cruiser, depending on your playstyle of choice. And this article is … not about those cards. I’m talking about cards that may have slipped under the radar, or haven’t quite reached their full potential just yet.

Honourable Mention: Dubious Challenge

When you sit down for Round 1, and your opponent has a team polo shirt.

When you sit down for Round 1, and your opponent has a team polo shirt.

Nah, I’m just kidding. This card is really terrible. Although there is one (very specific) combination of creatures where all three possible outcomes are good. Any guesses? Here’s a hint, one of them is Eater of Days.

6: Aetherworks Marvel

Most of this is actually just a really complicated backscratcher.

Most of this is actually just a really complicated backscratcher.

While it is a card that has been on a lot of peoples ‘maybe’ list so far (which is why its only number 6), the Marvel has not yet found the home it truly deserves in Standard. While most brewers have gone all-in on the Combo, playing it in UG Energy lists alongside 4-ofs of Emrakul, the Promised End and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, I actually prefer a Jund Control shell. Attune with Aether, Woodweaver’s Puzzleknot and Harnessed Lightning provide the energy you need, as well as guaranteeing land drops, keeping you alive and removing problems, respectively. And while it might not be as backbreaking as one of the larger Eldrazi, World Breaker is still a fine target for a Marvel cast.

5: Foundry Inspector

His name is Walter and he collects vintage cat photos.

This one is a bit of speculation. We still have another set to come out in the Kaladesh block, Aether Revolt. While at the moment we don’t have any real killer artifacts at 5 mana to curve out after an Inspector (other than Verdurous Gearhulk, of course), if we do see something really great, then the Inspector might have some serious potential.

4: Minister of Inquiries

DO NOT ask him about Fifty Shades of Grey.

DO NOT ask him about Fifty Shades of Grey.

While we haven’t seen a 1/2 make a serious splash in a Constructed format since Deathrite Shaman, Minister of Inquiries is … definitely not that good. Instead, Minister is a great enabler for any deck that wants to put its own cards into its graveyard. Milling six cards for one mana is a great return, enabling cards such as Scrapheap Scrounger and Haunted Dead to skip around their mana cost. Enabling a turn 3 Distended Mindbender or Elder Deep-Fiend, as well as a Kozilek’s Return flashback is a very powerful interaction, and one that the Minister can deliver.

3: Insidious Will

His contact lens bill is horrendous.

His contact lens bill is horrendous.

Continuing the theme of ‘Cards that have better versions in other Formats’, the card I have been referring to as ‘Fair Cryptic’ is not going to make that much of a splash in other Constructed formats. But, turning a Ruinous Path around onto your opponent’s own Planeswalker is an absolute blowout, and it can be flashed back by Torrential Gearhulk! #valuecity

2: Bristling Hydra

His name is Bristles and he is my special Hydra friend.

While the token Hydra for Kaladesh unfortunately doesn’t produce tokens, it does do a really great job of being a resilient and powerful threat. As long as you have some Energy stored up before it hits the field, Bristles can be a major problem for your opponents to remove.

1: Madcap Experiment/Refurbish

Playing against a 100% foil Commander deck.

The first place spot is a dead heat, as both of these cards do the same job; putting Gearhulks onto the battlefield for less mana that you should pay. At a measly 4 mana, Madcap Experiment gets better, the better the artifact you get with it. Flipping a Blightsteel Colossus against an unprepared opponent will finish games very quickly. And in Standard, you have the trio of Tormenting Voice, Cathartic Reunion and Nahiri’s Wrath to put your Gearhulks into the graveyard. What more do you need?

I got a Horse and, It’s going fast and…

So that’s Six of the Rest for Kaladesh. Sleepers, enablers and powerhouse threats, Kaladesh truly has it all. What are you brewing with?



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