Rumbleslam 2.0

A little bit before the world went to hell, TTCombat released an updated version of their Pro Wrestling game Rumbleslam. I was lucky enough to meet a few friends in the couple of weeks between Melbourne lock downs, to smash out a few games.Though marked as a 2.0 this update feels more like a 1.5 than anything. So what’s changed?

Fans of Rumbleslam will be happy to note that the core rules are exactly the same. The update essentially adds a few more rules, moves, and a brand new casino. For those who don’t know what i’m talking about let me catch you up.

Rumbleslam take your standard fantasy tropes of orcs, elves, dwarfs, and monsters, powerbombs them into spandex and then moonsaults them all into a wrestling ring. High flying acrobatics, ridiculous move names, and hyping up the crowd make up the bulk of the game. The rules are pretty straight forward with extra complexity being added onto each wrestlers individual stat cards. The aim of the game simply to be the last remaining wrestler standing. 

Lets go through the changes from version 1 to 2. First off the is the inclusion of a new casino. Casinos in Rumbleslam act as a faction in other tabletop games. It’s the stable from which you can recruit a team of wrestlers up to an agreed upon team value limit. 

  • The Kaisers Palace casino houses your classic “good” races of humans and dwarves (with a few little additions of some halflings and an ogre for variety).
  • The Rolling Bones casino is where you’d go for your more “evil” races of orcs, goblins and undead. 
  • The casino of Gomorrah contains the largest percentage of female wrestlers. The Deadly Divas team are an all female version of Kaiser Palace human team, including an Ogress. My personal favourite team, The Twisted Shadows falls under the Gomorrah banner and they’re made up of dark elves or drow, and a gorgon. 
  • The Forrest Soul casino brings in woodland creatures and roided up lizard folk.
  • The Feral Den casino is where you would look if you’re after anthropomorphised animal / beasty wrestlers. 
  • The new casino that version 2 adds is the Moote Carlo, home of the Lords of the Ring: an entirely halfling luchador team.

The Lords of the Ring is an interesting team; halflings don’t have a lot stamina so can get knocked out pretty quickly and their stat are pretty low. What they can do that other teams cant is to use their team mates are mobile turnbuckles. That’s a pretty big difference. 

For the most part wrestlers can spend an action to climb the corner of the ring (the turnbuckle) and then use whatever remaining action points in some high flying, fairly devastating dive into an opponent. The range on these moves is generally not very far, requiring a bit of setup to lure or knock an opponent close enough to a corner.

More often than not turnbuckle attacks require the wrestlers entire action point allotment due to their effectiveness. This means they cannot use the attack on the same turn they climbed the turnbuckle, leaving them in a vulnerable position. If any opposing wrestler runs up and attacks, they can try to knock the exposed target off their perch and out of the ring. Once a wrestler is out of the ring, they’re out of the game.So you can see why being able to climb a teammate and use them as a turnbuckle, while near the centre of the ring can be a huge boon. 

The classic match up of orcs vs humans (and halflings +ogre).

Another great addition is the ability to pin opponents. Now I know that this seems like a mechanic that should have been in from the get go, but alas that was not the case. Previously players had to try and pick up the opponent and try to throw them out. If you knocked a wrestler unconscious, it just made the picking up and throwing a lot easier. Pinning allows slow, heavy wrestlers to use their weight to their advantage. Rules for tripping have been added and a bunch of other existing rules are reworked creating a more rounded game. 

My personal favourite team, The Twisted Shadows.

During our gaming night we introduced a couple of players to theworld of Rumbleslam. From knowing nothing of the game at all, they were able to learn and finish a match within 30 mins. That’s probably the best part; being able to smash out a few games in one night. 

If you already own the original there’s enough here to warrant a purchase. It’s pretty affordable too at just $20 so if you’ve the opportunity, I’d definitely recommend it. There aren’t many Aussie stockists of Rumbleslam online at the moment so I’d suggest going through Pick up a starter set and paint up the figures in preparation of post-covid game nights. You won’t regret it. 

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