Rebels incoming!

Fantasy Flight Games are releasing some new ships to their Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game, the Tantive IV and the Rebel Transport. Both are very big ships in the Star Wars universe, from a size perspective, and are much bigger than the X-Wings and Tie Fighters. With the introduction of these ships, new rules are also bought in, such as the Cinematic Battles.

I don’t know anything about this game really, to be honest. Star Wars holds little to no interest for me, I normally go for fantasy settings, or if they are futuristic, then they are normally really gritty, dark and brutal, such as the Warhammer 40k universe (I don’t play the table top wargame, but I do play Dark Heresy). I did read about it this game though, and I get the general idea of it, pitched dogfights between smaller ships, to put it very simply. But these two new models below are beyond the scale of the existing ships. The ships out so far are at a scale of 1/270, but these new ones don’t conform to that, and are not used in the normal battles, but are rather used in cinematic battles. Here is a section on scale quoted from the FFG site.

A Question of Scale

The Tantive IV and Rebel Transport will be the first X-Wing starships released outside of the game’s 1/270 scale. Simply too big to function in the game at that scale, they left us with two options. We could change their scale, or we could leave them out of the game. In the end, we decided these ships were simply too iconic and exciting to ignore, and we invented a new “relative” scale, carefully balancing each ship’s playability against its presence on the table. This means you’ll have even more options for your games. You can continue to focus on dogfights and Standard tournament play at 1/270 scale, and you gain the option to play these huge ships in Cinematic Play and the new Epic tournament format.

Want to see the ships now? Alrighty, here they are.

From left to right, Tantive IV, Rebel Transport, X-Wing.

To get the full low down, read up on some of the new rules and tournament types, go here to read it all.

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