Rebellion: Battle Report Episode II – The Rebellion Strikes Back

If you’re looking for a review, you’re in the wrong place, but you can find one here. If you haven’t read Episode I, where I unleash the might of the Empire, click here.

Hello again, fellow gamers! This is Episode II in my series about the hottest new game I’ve had the pleasure of playing, Star Wars: Rebellion. Last time, I told you the story of me leading the mighty Empire, but this time the tables are turned; it’s I who is on the run as the crafty Rebels. Will I be able to escape long enough to rouse the galaxy into action? Well, read on and find out.

This time, I made much more detailed notes, and thus there are less details unintentionally omitted. Without further ado, I bring you Episode II: The Rebellion Strikes Back.

The Rebel forces available to me sure seem a lot fewer in number than when I was the Empire.

The Rebel forces available to me sure seem a lot fewer in number than when I was the Empire.

Turn 1: Rebels in the Core Worlds, Imperials in the Outer Rim

The Empire begins this tale with Mustafar and Rodia oppressed and Corellia, Mygeeto and Saleucami loyal to the Empire. For the Rebels, Kashyyyk, Ryloth and Bothawui sympathise and lend what troops they can, but it is on the Core World planet of Cato Nemodia, far from the Star Destroyers of the Empire, where the Rebels first appear. The Death Star hovers over Mustafar, and not far away, on the forest moon of Endor, the Rebels make their base. However, the Alliance is far more active this game, with most of its initial forces starting out on Cato Nemodia. Leia kicks things off by infiltrating Corellia, scouting out the Imperial forces their and determining the best course of action. On the other side of the galaxy, General Tagge leads a small army into Mon Calamari to bring it under the Empire’s heel; not long after, the appearence of the Emperor causes them to swear loyalty out of fear. Vader too initiates an invasion into Bothawui; already the list of allies for the Rebellion is growing thin. In retaliation, Jan Dodonna leads an impressive strike force into Corellia, freeing it from the Empire. Rieekan sabotages Mustafar, but Tarkin was waiting for a sneaky rebel. Luke quickly joins the cause of the Alliance, with Moff Jerjerrod stepping into action for the Empire.

Rebel Victory in 12 Turns


Turn 2: Who is this Jedi Master Yoda?

Much as his sister had last turn, Luke decided to scout ahead into Courscant, digging for even more information about the Empire before seasoned commander Dodonna again led the Rebels, this time into the heart of the Empire. In his search, Luke also finds mention of Yoda in the old Jedi temple, but Tagge manages to trap him there and delay him, despite Leia’s attempts to stop him. With Luke and Leia on Coruscant, the Emperor is able to go skulking around the galaxy, looking for any information on the Rebel base, but only finds some useful information; the Rebels were travelling light, and not leaving behind many clues. The newly promoted Moff Jerjerrod suggested the construction of a Super Star Destroyer to combat the Rebel menace, and got to work on it at once; if the Empire was going to subdue this Rebel menace, they were going to need excessive force. Again, Tarkin manages to foil Rieekan’s sabotage, continuing to oversee important projects in the mean time. Mon Mothma causes a stir in Corellia, and the people decide that the Empire is no longer for them. As tales of the Jedi spread throughout the Rebellion, Ben Kenobi comes out of hiding, ready to serve. To complement their aggressive expansion, General Veers makes an appearance for the Empire.

Rebel Victory in 11 Turns


Turn 3: A Galaxy in Fear

"You may fire when ready"; Dagobah (and probably Yoda) meet a swift end at the hands of the Death Star.

“You may fire when ready”; Dagobah (and probably Yoda) meet a swift end at the hands of the Death Star.

Ben heads to Mustafar to find some information; what he finds is crucial, but it’s already too late. Veers and Tarkin move the Death Star into position over Dagobah and fire, destroying the swamp planet and any hope of finding the old Jedi master Yoda. In fear, Utapau readily swears its loyalty to the Empire, hoping to avoid Dagobah’s fate. As destruction echoes throughout the galaxy, the Rebels know they need to find answers, and Dodonna gives up the commander game and instead goes out to assist Ben with his espionage efforts. Jerjerrod continues to oversea production of the Super Star Destroyer, and under his watch, it is completed earlier than expected, arriving over the newly loyal Utapau. Vader, tired of the Rebel scum in the Core Worlds, demonstrates why he’s the most feared being in the galaxy, hunting down a Y-Wing and the lone Rebel solider still on Corellia. Mon Mothma stirs the now incredibly nervous denizens of Sullust, while Rieekan decides to fly the Corellian Corvette back to the Rebel base. Thanks to both their innate fearlessness and some political maneuvering by a certain Rebel princess, the people of Mandalore refuse to bow down to the Emperor; whilst they remain subjugated, they will die before they bend the knee. With both sides sensing the potential for some serious space combat, Admiral Ackbar and Soontir Fel enter the fray.

Rebel Victory in 10 Turns


Turn 4: The Eye of the Storm

And yet another planet falls to the might of the fully armed and operational battle station.

And yet another planet falls to the might of the fully armed and operational battle station.

And just as expected, space battles erupt. As Dodonna heads to the Rebel base to analyse their options and suggest a new one, Soontir and a squadron of four TIE fighters ambush a lone X-Wing over Corellia, tearing it out of the sky. Soon after, Ackbar and a squadron of X-Wings arrive to battle, but the fleet commander is narrowly outmaneuvered by the ace pilot, and is forced to retreat. Terror continues to spread in the galaxy as Vader leads the Death Star to Sullust, a recent addition to the Rebel alliance.  Planet after planet falls in line, with Naboo joining out of fear, and Palpatine striking a trade agreement with the previously neutral Hutt crime lords on Nal Hutta as Veers decides to explore Geonosis with a mighty navy. Jerjerrod, now without a Super Star Destroyer to work on, maniacally laughs as he pushes the laser and destroys the innocent planet of Sullust. Tagge has Luke’s number it would seem, as he manages to thwart a sabotage attempt on Mygeeto. Rieekan arrives with the ambush fleet, expecting reinforcements to be cut off, but a Carrier arrives in the system. As Mon Mothma rallies the folk of Ord Mantell to the cause, Obi-Wan manages to prevent Tarkin from swaying the loyal Bothans from the Rebellion. Many will die for this mission, and the leaders of the Rebellion take a deep breath, preparing for the all-out war which is bound to come soon. The forces on Mandalore and Kashyyyk continue to standoff, with the Empire reluctant to try and fight the Wookiee soldiers. From among them rises the mighty Chewbacca, ready to aid the Rebellion in their greatest battles to come, while Admiral Ozzel arrives in time to help speed up the search for the Rebel base.  The galaxy is beginning to side with the Rebellion, however; after all, they’ve managed to show the Empire they’re no joke by attacking the most central of all systems. The Empire will need to move quickly to show they are not to be trifled with.

Rebel Victory in 7 Turns


Turn 5: One in a Million

The hero X-Wing assaulting the Death Star...and succeeding!

The hero X-Wing assaulting the Death Star…and succeeding!

It’s time for action. Planet after planet is falling to the Death Star, and the Rebels cannot win a prolonged war. Luke tries to gather some final information on Mon Calamari, but doesn’t find much that is useful. Meanwhile, the Emperor himself leads an army to Coruscant only to find the Rebels have mostly left; an empty transport and a single soldier are all they find. Indeed, most of the rebels have fallen in their battles with the Empire, and the taxing effects of the war have really started to show everywhere except Kashyyyk. A meager strike force led by Admiral Ackbar manages to liberate Mygeeto, whilst Tagge and Jerjerrod ignore the Rebels and explore Bespin and Dathomir respectively. The Empire is on Endor’s doorstep, and it’s desperate times for the Alliance. They’ve managed to poke and prod in all the right places so far, but this is their last chance before they’re found and the full might of the Empire is unleashed. Obi-Wan wins the loyalty of yet another Core World system, Alderaan; if the Rebels fail this turn, they’re going to need all the help they can get after all. Tarkin takes some quiet time to do some more R & D for the Empire, but that’s when the Rebels strike. Rieekan and Mon Mothma incite an uprising on newly occupied Bespin, and while the conflict is quelled, they’ve managed to severely weaken the ground forces there, enough to earn some loyalty from the people of the galaxy. In a desperate and seemingly suicidal move, Leia orders a lone X-Wing to attack the Death Star. It’s crazy! The Death Star fires its weapons, but the X-Wing is too small a target for it. It fires again, but it cannot catch the pilot. As the X-Wing flies into the trench and releases its salvos, the mighty battle station explodes in a brilliant flash. The galaxy rejoices, and even more denizens of the galaxy sympathise with the rebel cause. Chewbacca arrives in time to save Rieekan from capture, and this in turn means that there is nobody to interrogate and put into carbonite. As the round comes to a close, the fact that no Rebels have been captured, coupled with the senseless destruction of life by the Empire, has resulted in the galaxy deciding that the Rebellion is in the right, and mobilising around them. It took some heroic plays and some luck, but the Force was with the Rebellion today.

Rebel Victory in 0 Turns…The Rebellion is victorious after a huge turn!

The heroes of the Rebellion.

The heroes of the Rebellion.

Yet again, I had an absolute blast playing Star Wars: Rebellion. The differences between the Rebels and the Imperials are huge; whilst I did feel powerful early as the Rebels this game, I had to live in constant fear of the full force of the Imperial army. As I giddily hid just two systems away from where the Death Star started, and led my assault on the Core Worlds, I pondered how each game I play will play completely differently and tell its own wonderful story. I can’t recommend this game enough, especially if you’re even half the Star Wars fan that I am.

Trust me. Play this game.

You won’t be disappointed.



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