Product Review – Pendulum Domination Structure Deck

Yu-Gi-Oh players have debated for years as to which type of summon is the strongest; Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum or Fusion.

The answer of course, is why pick just one?

The recently released Pendulum Domination stucture deck is packed with support for the D/D/D archetype, which specialises in pumping out a bunch of different summons in a single turn. The true strength of this deck lies in the outrageous board that is can create from three or four cards, some of which are only available in this structure deck!

Before we get into what a fully-built D/D/D looks like, let’s take a moment to review some of the key cards from the Pendulum Domination deck.

The Cards

D/D LamiaDDLamia-SDPD-EN-SR-1E

Lamia is one of the most important cards to be released in this deck, because until now there has been no D/D or D/D/D monster that is also a Tuner!

Lamia can be Special Summoned from your hand or Graveyard by sending a D/D or “Dark Contract” card from your hand or field to the Graveyard. This is a super flexible summoning condition, given that both the card you send and Lamia can be a few different places. Chances are, if you have seen Lamia at all during a game, this effect is live.

Also, while Lamia is banished after she uses this effect, you can often pull off a chain of Synchro summons by reviving her using other methods and only using her own effect last.


D/D Orthros 

Orthros is our other on-theme D/D Tuner monster. While not as strong or flexible as Lamia, he does have the benefit of being a Pendulum monster. As long as you don’t mind only Special Summoning Fiend-type monsters, you can use Orthos as a re-useable level 4 Tuner, which is pretty great.

You can also summon any type of monster you want before you summon Orthros, including Pendulum Summoning a bunch of monsters with different types.

D/D Savant Copernicus

Copernicus isn’t the flashiest card, but it is certainly functional. When he is Normal or Special Summoned, you can send a D/D or “Dark Contract” card from your deck to the Graveyard. There are a fair few D/D monsters who are beneficial in your Graveyard, including D/D Lamia. I am sure there are already some combos brewing in your head!

DDDCursedKingSiegfried-SDPD-EN-SR-1ED/D/D Cursed King Siegfried

Siegfried is one of the better Extra Deck monsters included in the Structure deck. His effect to negate a Spell or Trap Cards effect during either players turn is very strong, and along with a few other monsters can lock down your opponent going first. He has a nice secondary effect and a pretty buff 2800 attack too!

The Deck

So what do I do with all of these monsters? It seems so complicated.

That’s half the fun! The D/D/D deck is capable of busting out some huge monsters, and there are many, many ways to do so.

My strong recommendation would be to put a D/D/D deck together and practice some combo plays at home. Even if you don’t end up playing the deck, it will give you a good idea of what certain hands are capable of.

Not sure where to start with building a deck? I would recommend grabbing a couple of Pendulum Domination Structure decks, and checking out the Deck profile below!

So, whether you are planning on playing the furious Fiends yourself, or just trying to figure out how to beat them, keep an eye out for D/D/D decks hitting your local tournament scene.

Not sure where to play? Tournament locations are available at

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