Pro Player Spotlight: Craig Wescoe

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Ben and myself got the chance to interview Craig Wescoe at GP Sydney, just before he began his day after his byes.

ATGN: How are you enjoying Australia so far?

Craig: I’ve only been here a day, but it’s a little bit better than the plane ride over.

ATGN: How was your flight?

Craig: I had a 5 hour flight from New York to Dallas and then a 15 hour flight from Dallas to Sydney, so it was like a whole day of travelling basically. I actually had to run to make my connection; I barely made it by minutes.

ATGN: How much preparation have you put into sealed so far?

Craig: I haven’t done any sealed. This Grand Prix is basically practice for next week (Pro Tour). I have done some drafting and there is a lot of carry over with those two.

ATGN: Are you working with a team for this Pro Tour?

Craig: I tested with Team MtG Card Market. They asked me to test with them and I did because I’m friends with a lot of them.

ATGN: Are you planning on getting much standard testing done in the week before the Pro Tour?

Craig: We’ve been testing a lot of standard. Now it’s more about watching what happens on the SCG tour and figuring out sideboard plans for the decks we expect to be big. We have a handful of decks we like and we are working out which one is the best way to play.

ATGN: Are you expecting Bant to be one of the best decks going into the Pro Tour?

Craig: Yeah, I expect it to be THE deck to beat at the Pro Tour, so we have to make sure we end up on a deck that is prepared for that match up.

ATGN: Are there any cards from Eldritch Moon that you rate highly for constructed?

Craig: I think everybody is high on Spell Queller in constructed. It’s proven to be a very powerful card. I think Liliana, the Last Hope is being underrated right now. She matches up well with a lot of things that are going on. People also don’t understand just how powerful Emrakul, the Promised End is. People are trying to work out the best way to use it and the Pro Tour will show some of the things that it is capable of truly doing. There are some other cards like Voldaren Pariah that aren’t really seeing play yet but in our testing we have been calling it the black Avacyn.

ATGN: How about for limited?

Craig: For limited, decks can have a lot of synergy and certain cards will be rated on how they go in certain decks. Madness and Delirium are still strong because they have support while the clues matters strategy is a lot weaker now because there is only one pack worth of cards for them.

ATGN: Are you excited to be playing standard again?

Craig: This is a good time for standard. I always love when a new set comes out, because people are trying to work out what the best things to do are. It’s not like the format has been around for a few months and it gets stale. We aren’t just seeing small meta dependent changes to already established decks.

ATGN: Thank you for your time and best of luck during the Grand Prix and the Pro Tour.

Craig finished off the Grand Prix in 40th place. Hopefully he can do even better at the Pro Tour. 

Special thanks to Ben for recording and transcribing this interview, and for jumping in with questions.

Coverage for the Pro Tour Eldritch Moon begins at 9am Sydney time. You can watch it live here.


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