Poke-News! Pokemon X&Y, Japanese Sets, Legendary Treasures



Hey guys, Bodhi here this time with a short article on the newly released information that we have been given by Pokemon in the last few days. Starting off with a bunch of Pokemon X&Y news hitting the web as the game is set to release in just under a month’s time. The game looks crisp, the new Pokemon look awesome and everyone is incredibly excited to see how the game turns out! Without a doubt, this game is shaping up to be one of the biggest Pokemon experiences we have ever had and that’s very exciting. With new Pokemon like Pyroar the Lion Pokemon and Dinosaur themed Fossil Pokemon the game appears from the get go to be incredibly vivid and imaginative.

Set in a world based on France, the game is sure to surprise many people with beautiful landscapes and incredibly stunning cities. With under a month to go however, we still are yet to discover the final evolution’s of the starter Pokemon which leaves many fans wondering if we are going to be surprised as the game is released or if we may get a leak in the next few days. Without much more X&Y news to discuss, we move on now to a reveal that Japan has given us in the last few days and that is the first Pokemon TCG expansion set for X&Y will be released in Japan in December. The set known in Japan as “Collection X and Collection Y” will be hitting the stores in Japan on the 13th of December and will be making its way to the Western world in February. The set also contains the new “Fairy energy” that we can only hope will bring about good things for the TCG meta game.


Finally now, the Pokemon TCG expansion set Legendary Treasures has been given a release date in North America and that is November 6th. The Set contains a bunch of reprint cards and over 130 cards in total. The set will also be given a mini-set afterwards that includes 25 cards that Japan had received already called “shiny collection”. Without too much more to go on for this set except from what we know of the Japanese set “Battle Boost” this set is going to be quite interesting in that we receive a lot of cards that have been good in past formats. Without knowing much more, the art of the set already looks amazing and it will be interesting to see how much affect, if any, this has on the meta game of the Pokemon TCG.

Thanks for reading guys and make sure to check out Epic Diem this weekend!

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