Pick Your Poison – Is it simply another Cards Against Humanity?

I got the chance to play Pick Your Poison from Player Ten Games this week. I’ve popped onto ATGN to tell you all about it.

Until I read the cards I thought the game was about lacing grandma’s tea with mercury to inherit the 16th century ottoman.

Pick Your Poison is a party game with similar style to Cards Against Humanity, players have a hand of cards with interesting and humorous scenarios. Players take turns as the Judge and pick two scenarios to place down in the designated area. Players are required to pick from one or the other, accumulating points for picking the least popular choice. The Judge gains points if the players are equally split between the two.

You can choose between these… I thought this was just modern tech?

Pick Your Poison comes in two versions. Normal and NSFW. Needless to say we very quickly switched over to NSFW. Unless your completely oblivious to the concept of a worklife/homelife separation or you need something to fill in time on a bus with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, you will be much better served with the “not safe for work” version.

One is the solution for relieving the boredom the other brings.

A cursory glance at the cards would make you think this game is fairly plain. That would be true if not for the one element that adds excitement. In the rules it encourages the Judge to elaborate upon the scenarios chosen in order to make the choice more agonizing for the other players.

Does this mean I lose a week after the exam. I think I’m doing it wrong.

Players can ask questions to clarify the options. The answers can turn otherwise simple choices into nail biting decisions about which type of sexual fetish you are comfortable letting your friends know you’re be willing to live with. “Completely naked, not even socks?” can be answered with “Except for the uncomfortably placed toilet brush, yep no socks.”

This literally already happens to me anyway.

That’s where the fun lies in this game. If your planning to play this with a bunch of accountants, it won’t be much fun. But if your dinner party is filled with creative wits it will be a blast. If your getting drunk with your Uni buddies during exam week its a quick and easy way to lighten the load. The only strategy here is be outrageous and giggle like crazy.  I believe Kris came to a similar conclusion with his review of ‘Hot Seat’, also from Player Ten Games.

“OH EM GEE, it would be sticky…LOL”

To be honest, unless your some kind of party game fanatic, if you already have Cards Against Humanity or a similar type game, you already have all you need. But if your looking for something to break up Friday night Monopoly monotony this might be the game for you. Just be careful… Grandma has always had a wonked sense of humor and you might learn more than you wished…

Website – https://playerten.com/products/pick-your-poison

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