Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Australia – BTGN Coverage

PAXAusWell hey there guys and girls, I just recently got back home from Melbourne.  You may ask why I was down there?  The only reason I can give you, is PAX Australia!  Yes, I had the joy of going down to Melbourne for one of the best all round gaming expo’s around, Penny Arcade Expo. I was always a fan of PAX and decided that one day I’d go to one (not even thinking about if they would bring it to Australia or not). Then suddenly late last year, PAX Australia was announced, and was going to be held in Melbourne. You may wonder what PAX is? Well friends, you’re in for a treat.

Giant Jenga!

PAX has everything! Computer games, lectures, board games, card games, and even a giant Jenga tower. For the sake of BTGN, I am going to cover the time I spent in the tabletop pavilion, my conversation with a lovely lady from Seattle that works for Wizards of the Coast (who also took my Planeswalker photo!), and just general moseying about in the free play area, where people were playing all sorts of games ranging from Cardfight!! Vanguard to Settlers of Catan, and I even saw a bunch of 40 year old bearded chaps (Ed: And a 20 something bearded chap?) playing Mouse Trap (and they were going crazy over it – pretty hilarious actually).

It was pretty packed!

Though admittedly I spent the majority of the day I was there at the Riot Games stand, I did venture over to the tabletop area (cause you just can’t deny your love for something, right?) to find the very large and bright Wizards of the Coast stand. While at the stand I even come across some familiar faces. Anyway while walking around I noticed they had a Duel of the Planeswalkers free play area where people can walk in and try it out.  They were also giving away intro decks for new players which really surprised them, very generous. I walked around the back to where the free play tabletop area was (where people can sit down and play anything with friends or even strangers) and I noticed a few young fellows playing a Legacy game which had drawn a small crowd. One of the chaps was playing a U/B Tezzeret Artifact deck and the other guy was playing a Deathblade variant. Needless to say I stopped to spectate and these games were insane. Afterwards I was having a quick chat to them, and apparently they had never met, but use to play World of Warcraft together, and deck tested a lot between each other over Cockatrice. I thought it was amazing that such an expo would bring people together like that to have such an epic time and a couple of really close games with one another.

After watching the games, I got up and waddled over to the planeswalker photograph booth, where you pretty much pitch yourself as a planeswalker. This was really neat and the lady that was running it really gets you into it. Sadly I did not catch her name but after asking her about the Chandra goggles they were giving away (which apparently all went within 30 minutes of opening, mind you!) I had a lovely conversation with her about the potential of Theros and what lies ahead for MTG. Theros being of that Greek/Roman feel, she said we can expect that “some really rad things are coming”. She didn’t want to spoil anything (trust me, I asked for you guys) but she said the set the Theros block will be crazy. That’s got me pumped!

Yours truly as a Planeswalker!

After walking around some more I sat down with a local Melbourne couple who had just purchased an Android: Netrunner core set. I had my Netrunner decks with me too! So I sat down and played a game, helping the couple out explaining everything and how the rules are. They were incredibly happy and I remember them saying that “We look forward to seeing you at the next PAX so we can show you how far we will have come thanks to you explaining it all to us.”

In between the freebie cards and whatnot from Banter, WOTC and everyone else, it was such a great event that brought the community together. My only regret from going down to PAX is that I didn’t get a 3 day pass. I recommend that next year, you should go. Start saving! I am!

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