Pathfinder 2nd Edition: Age of Ashes – Part 3

It’s been about a month since my last update, apologies for the delay. PAX Australia 2019 kind of got in the way.

Since my last piece though we’ve had two sessions, both of which have been set prior to the commencement of the actual Age of Ashes printed material. Yup, lots of session zeroes here.

Session 0.3

Session 0.3 introduced a new player to the group, and one sorely needed. Joining our Female Human Cleric, Male Goblin Alchemist, and Male Human Monk, is a Female Dwarven Barbarian. While the monk will grow into his abilities in due time (and no doubt perform some amazing single target damage) the barbarian brings huge damage to the table right now, and has the ability to introduce cleaving attacks in the near future.

After successfully thwarting the kobold invasion last session, word of the three ‘heroes’ deeds spread throughout the town and we were soon called upon to perform another task, this time by members of the community; namely the Dwarven owners of the ‘Three Legged Pony’ tavern on the North side of town.

A family member was due to deliver barrels of spirits two weeks prior but never showed up. With the aid of the innkeeper’s daughter (our new player) we set off out of town and up the road for a number of days looking for any sign of the missing Dwarven family member.

On the first night we were set upon by hungry wolves. After quickly dispatching one of the beasts the others fled. We moved the camp up the road a short distance before settling back down for the night, certain that the smell of blood from the dead wolf would only attract more predators.

After stopping at an inn the next morning and asking a few questions, we eventually came across the signs of a scuffle and a smashed barrel further up the road. Following the tracks off the road and into the woodlands we were set upon by some odd looking creatures, similar in appearance to Goblins (or perhaps Gremlins) with dark skin and nasty looking blades. Browsing through the Bestiary I suspect they may have been Jinkins but our characters certainly had no idea and we played it thus.

We fought off a number of them. With the aid of our new barbarian friend it was much easier than previous encounters. Not far ahead we almost fell into a pit in the ground, saved only by some excellent rolls against reflexes. At the bottom of the pit the missing Dwarf was discovered, a little bruised, tired, and thirsty, but otherwise undamaged. After aiding his escape he led us into a nearby cave to recover the stolen barrels of alcohol. Whilst in the cave our cleric spied something… unusual at the back of the dimly lit cavern. Closer inspection revealed the rear wall to be an illusion. Stepping through it led to a large corridor winding down, illuminated by large, glowing mushrooms.

Our heroes felt that this wasn’t something they should be sticking their noses into (at least not yet) and beat a hasty retreat back to Breachill.

Session 0.4

Unfortunately our monk wasn’t able to join us for this session, suffering car trouble. As a laugh then we decided that his character had been out of town (perhaps visiting a larger city) and his wagon broke down on the return journey.

We’d asked our game master if we might have a session based more in and around town, and so with that in mind this session saw a special event take place in Breachill, that being the celebration of a ‘leap year’.

The day doesn’t exist on the local calendars, so you have a Monday, then a ‘leap year day’, followed by the expected Tuesday. A neat idea, and an auspicious one, with children born on the day held in special regard.

While events were taking place across the town, the bulk of the activity was focused on the monument circle, outside of the town hall.

Our voracious goblin alchemist dominated the pie eating contest, and it was during the tug-of-war competition that our dwarven barbarian (with her best dress on and flowers in her hair) caught the attention of a young strapping human lad (who also happened to be brother to our cleric).

Over the course of the day the two young love birds flirted, first sharing a embarrassed kiss before the dwarf snuck off to the bed chambers of the dashing young human lad after a night of drinking, dancing, and celebration.

Meanwhile though the cleric and alchemist had heard rumours in the crowd about a farmer who lived just outside of town preparing to pack his belongings and move away for a particularly unusual reason. As the old man was also a member of our clerics congregation she thought it prudent to pay him a visit.

Upon arrival at the farm she found a wagon out front being loaded with belongings by two strange men dressed in black robes. After some discussion the cleric learnt that these men were part of a ‘faith’ that held no particular God in regard and were forming what sounded like a cult of sorts (to our cleric and alchemist at least).

Concerned, the duo went back to town and spoke with the elder cleric in town (Kellen). He expressed concern and agreed to visit the farmstead on the morrow.

The following morning while enjoying a cup of hot tea in her home the cleric could only smile as the bright red Dwarven barbarian snuck down from the bedrooms above and dashed for the front door.

It was at this point that we (the players) thought it might be highly amusing (and certainly interesting from a roleplaying perspective) if our young Dwarven companion fell pregnant. After some discussion though we decided it might not be for the best, by and large fearing a derailment of the upcoming printed material. Maybe next time.

Being a Dwarf means having Dwarven parents, and (perhaps unfortunately) for our barbarian her parents are very much traditional Dwarves. They certainly didn’t approve of their daughter running about with a human boy. We didn’t quite reach a resolution here in this session, so it will be interesting to see how the tension between her parents plays out, as well as the budding romance with a human.

Meanwhile the cleric, alchemist and Kellen paid a visit to the farm outside of town and had a discussion with the two black robed men who were still loading up the farmers belongings into a wagon. After a brief discussion the trio left, with Kellen expressing his concern to our cleric that the farmer may have been brain washed into giving over his belongings to thieves.

The cleric and the alchemist snuck back to the farm, and with the aid of the alchemists familiar were able to witness the suspicious duo pocketing jewellery and other precious items, clearly stealing from the farmer. While the alchemist distracted the two, the cleric ran into the house and persuaded the confused farmer (outstanding diplomacy rolls) to accompany her back to town.

A case was brought before the town council, evidence given, and the guards were informed to arrest the two scoundrels.

While shaken and still a little confused, the farmer was saved from a horrible mistake, for if the two villains had proven successful with their plan the farmer would not have only lost all his belongings but his farm as well.

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