Paizo are putting out a card game?

Pathfinder is an extremely popular Role Playing Game, played all over the place by many people. But there are a few things needed to play it generally, such as time and a group. But sometime those things doesn’t come together all the time, as I know all too well. The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is coming now to fill that gap when one of the group doesn’t turn up or you all sit around yakking too much and don’t realize you only have two hours left to run a 6 hour session in.

This game is for 1 – 6 players, and only takes around an hour to an hour and a half (otherwise known as 60 – 90 minutes). From the sound of it, this game has all the elements of the traditional tabletop game packed in easy bit sized lots. It has continuous characters, storyline and all those nice things, but you don’t need a DM and you can even play it solo.

Here is a video you can watch about it;

And here is a link for the download of the Rulebook. Could be worth a look if you are interested in the game. Product page for it is here too.

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