New Theros Promos!

I’ve been looking at all the spoilers for all the new Theros cards that have been coming out, and I must say that some of them are pretty crazy powerful, but then, what should we expect from Gods? But this post isn’t about those cards or those gods, this post is about the new Promo cards that are coming out with the Theros release. But I am not here to prattle on, and I’m sure you would rather be seeing cards than reading this, so look below and find out what you really want to see.

First up is the Release Promo card:arc1309_3_zgf64zarxt










Next we have the 5 Promo cards from the Intro Decks:

Next, two Game Day cards:

And finally, the Buy a Box card:

arc1309_9_ob0l906fehThis is all on this page here, fs you must, but there isn’t anything more than what I have posted.



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