NECRON CANOPTEK TOMB SENTINEL now for pre-order from Forgeworld

ForgeWorld, Games Workshop’s super high detail, massive miniature making subsidiary, has just opened up its pre-order stage for the Necron Canoptek Tomb Sentinel. The ship date for this new miniature is May 31st.

If you have never looked at ForgeWorld products, they are quite amazing, and this one is no different from the rest of the range. However, expect to pay for it, ForgeWorld products are not cheap, even compared to normal GW products. This new Tomb Sentinel will set you back £45 (or just over $70 AUD at current conversion rates). If the base shown is the standard large oval base from GW, which is about 120mm by 95mm, then that should give an idea of the size of the model.

Forgeworld are known for their high quality resin product. I have seen a few of their pieces in person, a Baneblade and a Titan, and I know they are very well made, with very fine detail.

Here is a pic of the fully painted final product, and the shop page is here.

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