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We’ve seen a rapid improvement in the quality and functionality of deck box storage in recent years.  Both veterans of the industry (Ultra Pro) and relatively new comers (Ultimate Guard) have gone beyond the simple plastic container to include all manner of materials and accessories.

The discerning gamer however is always on the lookout for new and interesting storage solutions and so with that in mind I’m taking a look at a range of products from Narrows Hill Games, an American based company founded by Chris Nichols.

The primary function of the Card Caddy is to create a deck box that serves not only to protect the cards inside but also to offer both a card draw and card discard holding solution.  This is particularly ideal for those who enjoy gaming on the go.  I’d also wager this particular product would be ideal for those who draft regularly using cheaper ‘high slip’ card sleeves.  Having your deck or discard ‘explode’ over the table due to slippery sleeves sucks.

The Card Caddy comes in a variety of sizes and colours with more on the way.  Chris was kind enough to send us a sample of the product range to poke, prod, drop on the floor and of course put our cards in.

Card Caddy Double Decker with Accessories Tray and Score Pad. Packed and ready for travel.

The original Card Caddy is designed to hold your typical deck of playing cards, but can also handle 40 sleeved or 25 double-sleeved cards.  The Card Caddy Double Decker can hold up to 60 double-sleeved cards and is going to be more relevant to most trading card game enthusiasts.

An even larger Card Caddy Triple Decker will be landing on Kickstarter later this year and will hold 100 sleeved cards, ideal for Commander/EDH players or games with a large card pool.

The Card Caddy range also includes accessories in the form of a storage tray and score pad.  The score pad is a nice touch, again something that is going to be very helpful for those who enjoy gaming on the go.  Playing on a car, train or picnic bench isn’t going to be the most stable of places so the less jiggling parts the better.  The accessories are designed to clip to a Card Caddy so you can travel with a self contained unit.  This is going to be an ideal storage solution for certain card games.

Construction wise the Card Caddy seems just a little rough around the edges, at least when compared to products from the bigger companies.  While the plastic never cut or pinched me some of the edges felt a little sharp.  I was initially concerned about durability but after dropping the fully loaded Card Caddy from about six foot onto hard tiles it survived remarkably well with nary a mark on the case.  It did spring open though, loosing its contents onto the floor.  I have no doubt however that these cases could protect your cards from any potential crush damage in a bag.

I suspect the Card Caddy is going to reveal wear and tear a lot quickier than your more fancy deck box solutions.  The grooves are going to lend themselves to storing dirt and muck after a time (especially if they live in a gamer backpack) and my Card Caddys are already showing some light wear on them.  Having said that, if appearances are of concern to you then you’re probably already shopping in the upper echelons of storage solutions.  The Card Caddy is more of a low cost, practical solution and in that it does well.

Card Caddy Double Decker with Accessories Tray and Score Pad. Unpacked and ready for play.

At $6.99 USD (~$9.42 AUD) I really can’t complain.  When stacking it up against similarly priced products you’re normally looking at soft plastic solutions with the harder cases typically coming in at $15-$25 AUD.

Ultimately it’s about the right product for the right game, and for those that enjoy playing traditional card games or family favourites like Uno then the Card Caddy is going to be a fantastic way to protect, transport and store your games.

If you’re a TCG player who finds themselves routinely playing in a food court, the back of a car, at the beach or just generally on the go this too might be an ideal solution for you.  In particular I can see the upcoming Triple Decker being quite relevant to Commander players, on the go or otherwise as they have both sizeable decks and discard piles.  As I mentioned earlier, those who routinely engage in drafts and use cheap ‘high slip’ sleeves might also want to consider the Card Caddy solution.

At time of print there isn’t a local (Australian) distributor for Card Caddy products, however you can buy them directly from the Narrows Hill Games website.  If we were to see these in stores at around the $10 AUD price point for the Double Decker I think they’d do particularly well all things considered.

Not content to be a ‘one-hit-wonder’ Chris is busy working on several other ideas including a dice tower, so keep an eye on the horizon for more products soon.

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