My Weekend – Living Card Games & Lord of the Rings

jintekiidentityYesterday was a full on day jam-packed with table top gaming for me. In the morning I headed down to Gauntlet at Wynnum and took place in the weekly Living Card Games league running there every Saturday. Personally, I was playing Android: Netrunner which is definitely a favourite at the moment but there was also some dabbling in Call of Cthulu: the Card Game of which I’m yet to have a hand in but definitely have an eye on it.

For those not familiar with LCGs you can check out the Fantasy Flight Games website for further details and information, or alternatively drop in to your LGS (local game store) where I’m sure they’d be more than happy to bring you up to speed.

I walked away with two wins and two losses. I fell short both times against trap-heavy, sneaky Jinteki 2.0 corporations that played very well to the strengths of net and meat damage both times where my Shaper deck (running Kate “Mac” McCaffrey) just didn’t have the right ICE Breakers in play. I’ll be sure to grab the deck lists next time round and put them up so you can all see what I really mean.

When I had finished up at Gauntlet I raced on over to Games Workshop at Mt Gravatt where they were hosting a 450 point Lord of the Rings miniatures tournament. By the time I arrived they were just starting on the final match of the day for the tournament win between Ryan S. and Carl who were running with Riders of Rohan and Galadhrim Warriors for their armies respectively. The final was a well-fought, strategic, and fast paced match with both sides each breaking the other’s forces with several game ending dice rolls that kept the match alive.


Winner – Ryan

Watching from the sidelines it was clear to see that the Rohan cavalry had the advantage early on and seemingly over-powered the Galadhrim Warriors. In saying that, however, the Galadhrim army put up a great defense and held off an onslaught from the cavalry, even breaking the army’s force before they could do too much more damage. In the end the victory went to Ryan S. and his Riders of Rohan. I was able to field a couple of questions with him regarding the tournament where he said the other competitors were all very strong and wasn’t afraid to admit he had a couple of close calls against another cavalry army but in the end came up trumps with straight wins to take out the day.

It was a great experience watching the match and others as well. I was able to take part in some decisive dice rolls to determine the match on a couple of occasions and that inclusion was felt from the moment I walked in the door. The atmosphere was great, really friendly yet competitive and an excellent social hub for all things miniatures. I’ve already lined up to head back to Games Workshop for their next Lord of the Rings event in September where Ryan S. was candid enough to say he’ll take out that event as well. Best of luck!


Until next time.


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