My first expo

At the time of writing, this Saturday just past (21st of September) I went to my first expo. The expo was called Epic Diem, and this was the first time it has been on, so something new for both of us. It was held at the University of the Sunshine Coast, obviously in the Sunshine coast, and I went with a team of reporters from BTGN, to cover the event and generally just have a good time too. Others were more experienced at this sort of thing, compared to me, and I am not a very good at this ‘going out and talking to people and reporting’ malarkey, so this article is more just about my experience there, and that I liked about it.


Being the first, it wasn’t a huge event, with a moderate number of stalls and events, but well enough to keep a person entertained and interested for the day, since it was only a single day event. There was a good mix of vendors and games, with such things as an MtG Theros Pre-release (which one of the other reporters will be covering), a section dedicated to Board-games (also being covered by another reporter) and an area dedicated to tabletop wargames.

The mix of vendors was good, with people selling such things as toy guns, Steampunk fashion, comics, cards, board games, video games, Lego, anime, cosplay accessories, replica foam weapons and much more. There was an Artist’s corner, with several artists showing their art and doing custom pieces for people. There were regular anime screenings throughout the day and a number of seminars on other things as well. I attended one in the latter half of the day, one all about Steampunk.

The seminar was held by Lynne Lumsden Green of Steampunk Sunday. It was a very good introductory lesson on the Steampunk aesthetic for those who were interested in the genre, and was very informative, even to myself, who already has some knowledge about it all. I will most likely continue my interest in Steampunk, utilizing what I learnt from the seminar and combining it with my interest in Chap culture. From the photo below, you can see it was a reasonable turnout to the seminar. Luckily, I am largely hidden behind the gentleman on the right side with the top hat.

I visited the Wargame section and had a nice chat with Scott Robertson from 2nd Legion (Facebook and Forum), a local wargaming club from the Sunshine Coast who were hosting the wargaming section. Their goal was to have games going, and also to introduce people to the games. They had a number of tables set up with a different game on each table. I saw tables with Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Malifaux, Dust Tactics, Star Wars and more. They were a very helpful lot, showing quite a number of people the various games and answering all the questions they could. Had the club not been located a bit too far away from when I am, it is something that I would probably go along to on a regular basis. Below are some pictures of some of their tables.

Some of the photos are taken by me, some are not. The better ones are not mine, my equipment was pretty lackluster and I am not a very good photographer, but it gets the point across.

One thing that I didn’t really expect to happen was the amount of cosplayers that turned up. I knew there was a cosplay competition on the day, but there were a lot more cosplayers than those who entered the comp. And having not really seen too many cosplayers (at least not on the net), I must say there were some brilliant costumes, some of them look like they took a long time to make, and with a lot of effort. Instead of putting up the pretty rubbish pictures I have, I would rather link in some galleries of people who took a lot better pics than I. Below are two albums.

Harry Vandenberg

Nathan Sheppard

Queensland Championship Wrestling was also present at Epic Diem, they had a ring set up and had regular bouts on all day. Wrestling is not normally my thing, but this group did do a really good job. They did the big crazy moves, jumping all about the place and so on, plus they were very good showmen, playing the various roles very well, hamming it all up to the right degree. The most fun, of course, was heckling the wrestlers, which of course they expect and reply in kind. Go here for some pictures of the matches, on their official Facebook page.

So many other things happened throughout the day, such as LARPing, Medieval re-enactment bouts, Boffo Battles, Laser Tag and more, but some of it I didn’t get to watch or participate in, and there is more that I could go on about, but then I would be here all day. If another one of these happens next year, I’ll be going again, and it has prepared me for other expo’s later on, to some degree at least.

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