Muscular Men, Garbage Goliaths and a Goopy Dragon – Mega Tins 2018 Review

Mega Tins mark an important time in the release season as expensive cards from last year and early this year are reprinted and made more accessible to players. Reprints are boring to talk about though; good cards are good and we know that. What’s notable are the exclusive promotional cards in each tin.

The promos for this year’s Mega Tins are kind of a mixed bag. The Yusei tin has a few exceedingly average ones like Junk Collector, Junk Connector and Martial Metal Marcher. However, Junk Speeder and Stardust Assault Warrior are pretty sweet. The Jaden tin on the other hand has four sweet promos in Elemental Hero Nebula Neos, Elemental Hero Solid Man, Keeper of Dragon Magic and Mudragon of the Swamp. The only dud there is Arcana Extra Joker.

Junk Speeder summons multiple monsters from the deck, which is always a good time. The only issue is it locks you into Synchro summons from the extra deck for the rest of the turn, and all of the monsters you summon from deck are going to be tuners. So we’re going to be revolving around this Speeder unless we can jam more stuff from hand onto the table, which I highly recommend you try and do.

Hopefully there is some cute combo that exists that allows us to make a couple of Psy-Framelord Omegas and some other goofy cards like Stardust Charge Warrior along the way to draw more cards.

Stardust Assault Warrior is the other reasonable promo from the Yusei tin. Synchro monsters that put stuff back on the table are always a good time. Its effects are also held intact, so you can grab a Junk Anchor and do dumb stuff. Or maybe make a Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon if you feel so inclined.

Moving to the Jaden cards, Elemental Hero Nebula Neos is absolutely wild. The idea of this card ever resolving gets me all hot and bothered. The only issue is its summoning conditions are a little goofy; you need three weird cards on the board, including an Elemental Hero Neos. I’d highly recommend cards like Elemental Hero Prisma, Convert Contact and Miracle Contact to speed up the process.

If you’re feeling insane, try something like Black Garden to fill your opponent’s board with tokens so you can just draw five cards for no reason. He also banishes everything face down at the end of the turn (notably not tokens) so watch out for that. Final cool interaction with Nebula Neos is you can use his negate effect on himself so he doesn’t return to the extra deck in the end phase if you want to keep him around for whatever reason. He looks pretty badass so nobody is going to blame you.

Keeper of Dragon Magic is one of my favorite cards to come out of these tins. He can search a boatload of cool cards, namely Shaddoll Fusion (recently reprinted in Shadows of Valhalla), Brilliant Fusion and Instant Fusion. Ideally, we want to add Shaddoll Fusion so we can consistently punish our opponents for going first and doing dumb stuff or make a Shaddoll Winda turn one to punish our opponents and prevent them from going off.

This also provides some kind of utility to Ultra Polymerization, which is a sweet card but has been hard to use properly. Maybe you play one and tutor it when it’s relevant? It is available in the Mega Packs so you can probably pick one up for a dollar if you want to be a cool cat.

There are also some cool synergies with this card in Hero strategies and other weird decks, as he can also grab specifically listed fusion materials from the yard for free. Perhaps to help turbo out weird contact fusions like our main man Elemental Hero Nebula Neos (face-down monsters can be used for both contact fusions and standard fusions).

Elemental Hero Solid Soldier is a much needed extender for the Hero engine, as Shadow Mist was having a hard time getting special summoned to the field to search Mask Change and had nothing cool to search afterwards aside from maybe Bubbleman or Malicious.

As a secondary effect, it summons back any hero from the yard after you use Mask Change on him to summon Masked Hero Dian or if you Polymerization him off the board for something. Unfortunately it does come out in defence mode, but its effects aren’t negated so you can do some wacky stuff. I highly recommend getting back Elemental Hero Prisma and sending more materials for your Elemental Hero Nebula Neos.

Mudragon of the Swamp is the last notable promo card from the Jaden tin. It’s an Instant Fusion target with a relevant effect, namely the ability to change attributes to meet the needs of extra deck summons. Also he’s a level 4 monster, and sometimes is going to prevent your stuff from being targeted. He can also be an Earth for your Naturia Beast, a Light for your Curious, Lightsworn Dominion or any attribute you require for an Invoked Monster. Also he boosts your Abyss Dweller by 500ATK. He’s a good little goopy boy. Almost definitely the best level 4 instant Fusion target we have available right now.

Let’s move to the reprints themselves, which are arguably the main reason people want to bust open Mega Tins.

With a Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare and Secret Rare in every pack you have a fairly good chance of getting powerful cards in every tin.

Some of the notable Secret Rares include Borreload Dragon, Evenly Matched, Saryujaa Skull Dread, Heavy Metalfoes Electrumite and the Mekk-Knights Purple Knightfall and Blue Sky. Borreload Dragon and Evenly Matched have been very costly for the past year, so it’s good to see them coming back into circulation.

The best ultra rares include the likes of Trickstar Candina, Trickstar Light Stage, Altergeist Meluseek and Spellbook of Knowledge.

Super Rares and below will always cost a dollar or less, so you’re not likely to make any money off of these, but there is a notable pair of Common reprints in Demise, King of Armageddon and Ruin, Queen of Oblivion.

These cards received support in Cybernetic Horizon but hadn’t been printed in over ten years, so now players will be able to access these monsters and their ritual spell without spending an arm and a leg, which is always nice.

Overall I think these tins are worth it for the promo cards alone, as they provide some spice and power to older strategies. Not to mention the three guaranteed Secret and Ultra Rares in each set of Mega Packs. If you’re interested in buying single cards I’d recommend waiting a while if you’re not desperate as they will become notably cheaper as people open more tins and the market gets saturated.

A huge shoutout to Banter Toys & Collectibles once again for the opportunity to open these tins! You can check out the unboxing video (with some great loot) right here –

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