monster faq for Magic 2014 core

Magic 2014 Core Set is due out very soon, with pre-release this weekend (July 13-14). I have already put up an article a while back (right here) detailing major rules changes that come into effect with the release of his set. However, there are always a whole slew of minor issues that might arise from the individual cards themselves.

Anticipating this, Wizards of the Coast has released a FAQ which should clear up an problems anyone has with any cards. This FAQ has a large portion of the cards from the set in it, being very specific about rules on the cards and the situations where said rules are used.

It is long, since it has a whole bunch of the cards, but it is very helpful if you have any queries. It is all online here, but there are also links on that page for a downloadable doc in a variety of different languages.

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