Meow, Meow, Meow. (Kitten Casualty)

Do you like Kittens? The Dark Overlord? Sacrificing things? Then Kitten Casualty is the game for you. 

Kitten Causalty was a successful Kickstarter, which I first saw on Facebook and I backed it not long after looking at the Kickstarter page. Total Frame Limited is a small New Zealand gaming company created by two brothers who are avid card game players.

Kitten Casualty is an Epic Kitten sacrificing, player elimination style card game. The game can host up to five players. Each player builds their kitten army, or collects the five pieces of Exodia…. sorry I mean the five legendary pieces of the kitten lord in order to eliminate a player.

Players take turns at growing their kitten armies to a strength of five hundred points. Once that is achieved, they can then sacrifice the kittens to the Dark Overlord to eliminate another player from the game. The last person standing wins.

Various action cards throughout the deck can and do heavily influence the game, to the point where strategy comes into play more. This includes killing off other players kittens and stealing kittens and Kitten Lord pieces.

It does make you think about which cards to put down and if you should have your pieces of the Kitten Lord in your hand or on the table. However, even in your hand your cards are not safe.

The crazy ‘Cat Lady’ card will let you take a random card out of a player hand which is very helpful if they have the only revive card in the deck.

There are a lot of things I like about this game, the first thing was how the cards were made and how tough they are. They have a nice gloss on them which when I first opened the box felt very nice and they still do now after a quite a few games.

The first day I got it I played it with only three people and that was fun. It helped to get an idea of the game and how to be a little more strategic with how I played. After playing it at a bar with more people, I quickly learnt that it is much more fun if you have five people playing than just two or three. Also after multiple games with the same people you start to just want one person out first every game.

I did notice that even playing at a bar on the tables that were there the cards had no damage or dirt on them. I was a little surprised at that as I thought there might have been some scratches on them.

All in all I really do like this game and have already recommended it to other card game players.

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You can buy your own copy from their website:

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