Melbourne International Games Week at the Table: Oct 11, 2020

Melbourne might still be pretty solidly locked down, but gaming is still thriving down here in Old Melbourne Town as we are currently in the middle of Melbourne International Games Week. And though there’s heaps of digital gaming to keep us occupied, this Sunday we’re clearing our schedule for their all-day tabletop extravaganza, which is entirely FREE!

Sunday’s MIGW at the Table has naturally had to move to online formats due to *waves vaguely* but they’ve managed to organise quite the range of RPG’s, board games, seminars, and workshops, managed by the team from veteran local convention Arcanacon (which has been running since 1983) in partnership with locally made RPG software company Arkenforge and friendly online retailers The Quest Suppliers.

As roleplaying goes, perennial favourites D&D, Call of Cthullu, and Vampire: the Masquerade all get a showing, but a number of smaller local indie games are on offer (including some from designers who honed their talents in Arcanacon’s Game Dunk game jam just months ago). The board gaming side of things is taking pains to showcase new and soon-to-be-released games from local designers (including Spaceship Redoubt which Jessica reviewed on this site earlier this year.)

If moving your tabletop gaming online is all a bit daunting, there’s a workshop to show you how. But if you prefer to sit back and spectate, you can tune in to the Arcanacon twitch channel which has entertainment all day, including a live D&D game with Tabletop Dynasties from 8pm to wrap up the day.

Best of all, you don’t even need to be in Melbourne to be involved. Believe me, for once that’s a good thing.

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