Magic the Gathering Brewing with Kaldheim – Part 2: Infect

This weekend Kaldehim went live on Magic the Gathering Arena, which gave me a chance to get started on some brews that I’ve been looking at since the spoilers started going up, and the madlads at RnD have brought back infect!

I know it looks just like a fat stack of creatures, but here’s the key parts of the combo.

This absolute bad boy: Fynn, the Fangbearer lets you get out all your favourite Deathtouch creatures, to bonk your opponent to death. Each of the creatures chosen for this list have huge synergy, so I’m going to quickly list the who the what and the why for each one.

First up is Thieves’ Guild Enforcer, which dictates a few minor choices in our deck list, but this is the only one that has conditional Deathtouch. It also has flash, so that you can hold onto it in case of a board wipe, shoot it in end of their turn, then bring back your Fynn with a Call of the Death-Dweller, to make your Enforcer deal poison counters. The second mode that makes your opponent mill cards, is why we have a few other rogue creature types show up, to help turn the Enforcer’s Deathtouch on.

The best Rogue, with Deathtouch in green and black, is Chevill, Bane of Monsters where if our opponent drops a blocker to mitigate some poison damage, Chevill turns that into card draw for us. This guy does so much to keep us in the game, and fits into the core of the deck so neatly, and blocks a lot of aggro deck cards for us for free too due to that 3 toughness.

This one was an interesting inclusion as it does a lot for us, at first glance a 3CMC Deathtouch Rogue is a good start, but it can also search the deck for a Fynn, the Fangbearer if we don’t have one yet, or find a Call of the Death-Dweller to return Fynn and a friend from the bin. Or go search out that Questing Beast for the fatal attack next turn.

Most of the other creatures included are pretty straight forward, and Snakeskin Veil is just used to dodge removal one time, on your Fynn, Fangbearer.

However, Gemrazer is a huge utility here, as it can remove an enchantment or Artifact (like one that may have have exiled a Fynn, the Fangbearer) but it also gives one of your Deathtouch creatures Trample, and the way those combo is that only one damage needs to be dealt to a blocker to kill it, so the rest Tramples onto your opponent, meaning a guaranteed one damage will get through to score some poison counters!

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