Magic the Gathering Brewing with Kaldheim – Part 1: UWR Foretell

This weekend Kaldehim went live on Magic the Gathering Arena, which gave me a chance to get started on some brews that I’ve been looking at since the spoilers started going up!

Depending on how aggressive your opponent is playing, you can just put a tonne of cards aside with Foretell, and then gain stacks of life using Niko Defies Destiny, and wait long enough that you can dump an Entreat the Ange- *Ahem* Starnheim Unleashed on your opponent.

Only playing two copies of the win condition is pretty light, but Niko Defies Destiny will allow you to be able to return it to your hand. There’s also a really neat synergy with Tundra Fumarole and Foretell.

Where after you blow up their biggest creature, or their freshly placed planeswalker, you can then foretell a card for free. It does require you to hit at least two snow lands in play to pull off, but with only 8 scry lands in the deck, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Because a lot of your lands come into play tapped, you need to be wary that you’re going to be really slow if you’re on the draw. So a good option is to instead of using Foretell (which is only as a sorcery), hold a revitalize or depart the realm open with two lands. With plenty of life gain, you can come back from an early aggro lead after a good sweeper, but it’ll take time for you to set up a big Starnheim Unleashed, so make sure you’re super healthy before tapping out for that one.

One last little underrated gem, is Crush the Weak, dropped early onto an aggro deck can sweep pretty effectively, but if you’ve had to just foretell it for later because your opponent is playing a midrange deck. Casting it just before Doomskar, will make all the creatures you damaged for 2 be exiled when Doomskar is cast, which can help against the Jorn god of winter decks.

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