Magic: The Gathering Arena Deck Tech – Temur OmniApex

OmniApex: The greatest storm

So last time on Deck Tech with Keith, we saw Dinosaur Aggro which is relatively straight forward, and I wouldn’t really call it a brew, now, this deck: OmniApex is as far in the other direction as it gets. OmniApex is a complete monster of a brew, and well, let me just show you:

  • 2x Expansion // Explosion
  • 4x Flood of Recollection
  • 4x Omen Speaker
  • 4x Lava Coil
  • 3x Fiery Cannonade
  • 4x Gift of Paradise
  • 3x Chemister’s Insight
  • 2x Sift
  • 4x Circuitous Route
  • 2x River’s Rebuke
  • 1x Thousand-Year Storm
  • 2x Overflowing Insight
  • 1x Omniscience
  • 1x Apex of Power
  • 4x Island
  • 1x Mountain
  • 2x Forest
  • 1x Izzet Guildgate
  • 4x Steam Vents
  • 3x Sulfur Falls
  • 4x Rootbound Crag
  • 4x Hinterland Harbor

Play basically goes in two phases. Phase One: Desperately trying to survive whilst ramping. This is where Gift of Paradise and Lava Coil are your MVP’s, your opening hand basically wants to be either or both of these cards, and three lands. Omen Speaker is also pretty reliable at getting you consistent land draws and it can block every goblin in the game. Phase Two is a little more complicated. The basic plan is to get Omniscience into play either by casting it, or by hitting it off Apex of Power, then drawing a bunch of cards for free using Overflowing insight, Sift, and Chemister’s Insight, then cast Thousand-Year Storm for free and Flood of recollection to return 10 cards to your hand from your graveyard, then cast Overflowing Insight targeting your opponent for 10 copies causing them to draw their entire deck immediately.

This is what winning will look like

Tips and Tricks

First two big things to note: Copies of Apex of Power cast from Thousand-Year Storm do not add 10 extra mana and You cannot cast spells exiled with Apex of Power using Omniscience. Two little things that if not considered when attempting to combo off, might be an issue. Especially considering you might have 14+ cards in hand, 2 cards displayed in hand because of Jump-Start and cards displayed in hand because of Apex of Power, make sure you’re paying attention to what is what, and how much mana you have. Anyway, here’s a big dump of tips:

  • Flood of Recollection can let you Apex of Power multiple times with Omniscience in play, each time giving you +10 mana (always pick blue)
  • There is one Izzet Guildgate for you to pick with Circuitous Route (I’ll usually grab the gate and a forest)
  • You have 20 life. The game isn’t over until this hits zero.
  • Your Thousand-Year Storm got destroyed? You can still win by casting Overflowing insight multiple times with Flood of Recollection and Expansion (copying the Floods) to return and recast it multiple times.
  • River’s Rebuke will buy you a whole turn (Unless they have hasty things or Demanding Dragon) try and save it for the most value, and don’t forget it removes tokens permanently!
  • Explosion is a back up win condition, it can both make your opponent draw any remaining cards in their deck (Mana permitting) and it can also do damage to face if you have enough mana!
  • Cast the First Overflowing Insight on your self, then any additional ones on yourself until you have the kill (Just don’t deck yourself) you’ll always draw a flood of recollection to be able to draw the final one for the kill.
  • (Now this is more speculative) Due to MTGA’s weird Rock-Paper-Scizzors matchmaking I’ve only exclusively been matched against Midrange / Aggro decks, so I’ve had zero trouble rolling over them, this deck is super weak to countermagic. So you should change the list if you’re finding yourself playing against UWx.

Some Mulligans

Let me run you through some mulligans, first up we have:

Our two main cards we’re looking for in an opener are here: Gift of Paradise and Lava Coil plus three lands! (of all my colours) This is a dream keep. Spoiler alert, we went on to win this one.

Next up is:

So this hand is super slow, has zero action until turn 4, has zero protection, and has no red mana. Let’s throw this away.

The six that we got was this Slightly Risky but with Lava Coil, and atleast two land it seemed okay. We then scried one and found Hinterland Harbor on top, which made it perfect, and we went on to stop the WR midrange deck we were playing against.

That’s it for another Deck Tech with Keith, next time I’ll have to find something even more bonkers to write about, wish me luck!

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