Magic Legends: Open Beta

Magic Legends is now finally in Open Beta, and let me say I was very excited for this, unfortunately. You’d think that the child of two games I’ve played thousands of hours of would be amazing (Diablo II and Magic: the Gathering), and it might be eventually, but right now the Open Beta is basically the devs outsourcing some Quality Control testing waiting for us to inform them that it’s an unripe banana.

The game is very pretty to look at, I’ll give it that. However the consensus is that the framerate for everyone is horrible. My gaming rig is pretty noice, and I struggle to get above 20 frames consistently, and the reason I know why everyone else is having the exact same problem is much much worse than the framerate.

An unmoderated, always open, unmute-able constant stream of public chat. Which doesn’t use “!” commands by the way. Someone has convinced people that they do work, so now it’s a constant stream of people trying it out. Between the “!” posting, and the complaints about the “!” posting, there’s occasionally much worse trolls in there, and it’s really off-putting to have it constantly churning messages while I couldn’t be less interested.

!muteall doesn’t work either.

I tried.

The other thing that seems like it’s going to really bite later is that you’re capped on how much currency you can earn each day. Only able to play once a week, and trying to catch up to your unemployed friends? Shame, you’ll never be able to match their income.

Also, the deckbuilding aspect seems really interesting right? A shifting set of abilities that keeps you on your toes, that’s got to be exciting? Because I’m super enthusiastic about having no idea what my Hotkeys do at any particular time. Not to mention, you have to be really specific with not pressing too many at once, and targeting them correctly.

So put away that Guitar Hero controller, you get absolutely no advantage out of anything beyond carefully considered button pressing, hope you’re never expected to do anything in a hurry! What’s worse is you have to put away that mouse with more than two buttons, because god forbid you would want to change their horrible keybind scheme to something that fits your set up.


Sleep on this one. Wait for a real release so you don’t have to gripe through Magic: Legends the picture book, with built in chat beamed direct from 4chan. Early on in development people demanded gear and gear drops be added to the game, and the devs listened, so lets hope that some constructive criticism comes across their desk, because the hype I gained from watching some early footage is all dead now from actually playing it myself.

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