Lustria exposes its secrets

Roughly a week ago, I posted a video from Games Workshop that gave roughly no information except a date, typical hint vid. I also said it was probably Lizardmen that was getting the reboot, and it is. I’ve posted a video that shows off some of the new models and this page here has another video and more information about the release and pre-orders for that stuff.

The new minis look quite cool, more updated and more detailed than before. The Limited Edition of the Lizardmen army book is also pretty nice looking, but the price on all these things is even steeper than before. The new army book is $83 here is Australia, and only $49.50 in the US. Even taking in account exchange rates, our book is still $30 more than the US. The gap between the UK version and ours is even wider still. The rumours I heard before did slate a price increase with this release, and I think that is exactly the case.

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