LudoCherry: Vintage Inspired Clothing for Tabletop Gamers

LudoCherry is a unique, tabletop themed clothing line that’s coming to Kickstarter on October first. They’re founded on the idea that your love of tabletop games can be worn on more than just a graphic t-shirt.

I spoke with Phoebe Wild, founder of LudoCherry about their clothes. She said she wanted to “Create something unique, create something that doesn’t really exist out there. I want to wear this kind of thing and I can’t find it anywhere, so let’s make it!”

The LudoCherry Kickstarter will be launching with a men’s-cut short sleeve button up shirt with any size from XS to 4XL and a circle skirt with positively enormous pockets, that are large enough to replace a hand bag if you wanted. They range from size 6 to 24. Both garments will be 100% cotton and available on any of the fabrics in any of the sizes.

On launch they’ll be rocking four unique but subtle tabletop themed patters, featuring meeples, d20’s and other game pieces. The designs are such that from far away, they look like a standard shirt pattern, and only someone who knows tabletop games are going to recognise the geeky secret held within. They’ll be a great conversation starter for anyone.

They’re also looking at other patterns as stretch goals. So if they exceed their funding you can look forward to an Old Gods/Cthulhu themed pattern and they’re even working with Jamey Stegmaier from Stonemaier Games on a wingspan themed pattern.

The Kickstarter will run for around thirty days and allow worldwide shipping. They’ll ideally be delivering sometime around March or April 2020, but small companies can get bounced to the back of the line by manufacturers, so that’s a loose delivery date.

If you want to catch a look at these wonderful clothes, LudoCherry will be at PAX AUS this year in the TGDA (Tabletop Game Designers Australia) booth. PAX AUS is running from October 11-13 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, and if you pop into see LudoCherry you’ll have the chance to buy an Enamel pin of their logo while you’re there.

However, if you’re signed up to their mailing list before October first, you’ll get one of these enamel pins for free with your order for showing your support.

I can’t wait to see LudoCherry come to life. They’re a truly unique clothing line, and as a player of tabletop games I’m excited to see a new style of clothes come out of the hobby. Hats off to Phoebe and the LudoCherry team for sewing the first thirty or so garments by hand to showcase at conventions. You can tell that they’re really passionate about what they’re doing and looking forward to bringing something new to tabletop games.

If their first round is successful they could be expanding out into other clothes products like blouses, long-sleeved shirts, pants and various other items; and their patterns could even end up on deck boxes, play mats and card sleeves.

They’ll even be trying to set up in local game shops to sell products there as well. With a display package that staff could wear or display at cost price and then have patrons order through them, giving them a cut to support their store. Phoebe even asks “If you’re a retailer reading this, please reach out to me if you’re interested, if you have a better idea of how to stock my stuff, I would love to hear it.” Otherwise, you should be looking to support them so you can see their products pop up in one of your local game stores, comic book stores, or other places that stock geek or geek related things.

Sign up for their mailing list here.

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