Out Of Your League Episode 2 – Good Games Spring Hill

This is the second episode of “Out Of Your League” a video series exploring the different Netrunner leagues around Brisbane.

In this episode Blake and Gambit explore what’s going on with the Netrunner league at Good Games.

The League at Good Games Spring Hill is run by not one but two excellent human beings, Blake and Andru.

They focus on creating a friendly and welcome environment for old and new players alike.  By using an achievement system Blake and Andru aim to encourage variety in deckbuilding, awarding additional points for each unique identity used. Their “Card of the week” pushes players to consider including underused or undervalued cards in their decks, this also gains you additional points. The store at Spring Hill is brightly lit and has no shortage of table space, located right above a Dominos pizza, within walking distance of the Central train station, and with a small on site car park and ample street parking (metered until 4pm in most cases) Good Games is excellent location for competitive Netrunner fun. There is only one downside to playing at Good Games, unfortunately your wallet may shed a tear or two, they have an extensive range of board games for sale.

Good Games

74 Little Edward Street, Spring Hill QLD 4000

The league kicked off Thursday the 9th of April 2015. They convene every Thursday evening from ~4:00pm to 11:00pm.

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