Languid Legend – Problems with the new LLDS system

This year’s Local Legend Duelist Series has seen a substantial decrease in success from its previous two years for a number of reasons, all of which tie into the new point system for determining who qualifies for stage two.
Previously, players of each state would attend stage one events hoping to place in the top four event and earn a guaranteed invitation to stage two (also held in their state), where the prize was a highly sought after YCS prize card and some exclusive playmats.

This time around, there is a point system that allocates points to the highest placing players based on the number of participants in the event, with the highest scoring player in each state earning an invitation to stage two, held at the YCS London event with paid flights and accommodation. Safe to say, this is a really valuable prize that most players would want to win.

Let’s start with the main issue of this system: if you can’t attend all of the LLDS events in your state you have a very limited chance of winning; so why even bother in the first place?

The answer?

You don’t go to any if you can’t go to all of them, because it’s a waste of your time and money.

This structure has lead to diminishing returns with the first few LLDS in each state having really solid turnouts and the final ones having trouble scraping together 20 players as most of them stand no chance of qualifying for stage two. This favors the players in the lead even more as there aren’t many points left for other players to win from these events. It’s a very greedy, top-heavy system.

There are a variety of other, smaller problems with this system as well. In particular:

  • Players can travel to other states to play in their events and earn points that affect their standing in their own state; this gives players who can afford/have time to travel to these events a huge advantage, discouraging other players from participating even further.
  • The flights to London are an insanely valuable prize, but what if a player is unable to fly there for whatever reason? Be it lack of a passport, work or family related reasons this gives them no access to this prize and discourages them from entering as well.
  • With only one invite per state, it is possible for animosity to develop among players that are able to attend these events and perform well in them, especially as the final events approach and only one to two points separate them. Healthy competition is great, however a prize this valuable and scarce often provokes the worst in people.

Lastly, this may seem like a very petty gripe, but what does Local Legend even mean anymore? Previously by winning your local event you went into a larger event of other winners, a tournament to determine the legend of that local area. This makes sense. Being forced to travel to the majority of the events in your state to stand a chance at making it to the second stage, held in another country against the champions of other states does not demonstrate what a ‘Local Legend’ is.

Please bring back state-based stage two events Konami, it’s what the people want.

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