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It was a long time between drinks as we crawled across the desert that was the break between Balance of the Force and the beginning of the Echoes of the Force cycle but now we’re seeing the Force Packs coming in thick and fast. This is a quick overview of the objective sets that have been spoiled and leaked over the past weeks from the upcoming Knowledge & Defense Force Pack for the Star Wars LCG.

Kyle Katarn's Moldy Crow

Kyle Katarn’s Moldy Crow

You can check out the album of spoilers here as we read through them and give a little insight. First up is the bomb-dropping set for the Jedi – The Flight of the Crow. Each unique Jedi unit gains Edge (1) while attacking. Excellent, a synergistic boost Jedi may not have needed but will definitely improve their gameplay. Fit this with the multiple unique units Kyle Katarn, Luke, and Obi-Wan and you’ve got a killer group of Jedi. Throw in some enhancements and you’re laughing all the way to the bank. Great start to this set which, of course, includes Kyle’s ship Moldy Crow as per the title. Another unique unit that strips opposing enemy units of Shielding and Protect even when the Crow is idle on the field as well as those intimidating four edge-enabled blast icons. Brilliant synergy again and really puts the push on those Sith control/protect decks as well as the Imperial vehicle/shielding decks.

Say goodbye to your little friends!

Say goodbye to your little friends!

Objective set number two – Rebel objective set The Hoth Gambit. Here we have the arrival of General Carlist Rieekan, Echo Base Technician, and Battle of Hoth all working alongside the key card of this set Snowspeeder Counterattack. This is the kind of trick the Light Side needed to help rid Dark Side players of their 4 cost/3 damage capacity units swiftly and efficiently. Damaging each Hoth objective to deal 1 damage per objective to an enemy unit is game changing, right from the first few turns. Expect to see quite a few speeder decks running this set as well as a lot of Battle of Hoth fate cards to refresh those objectives. Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could always slip one or even two of the aptly named Knowledge and Defense Jedi objective sets into your deck. Daughters of Allya refresh objective damage when they are committed to the force and with the help of some Echoes of the Force fate cards you may have a healthy damage deal/refresh combo on your hands. Not to mention the objective protection, shielding, and edge boosting effects of the remaining cards. Just a thought.

hyperspace-marauderOn to set number three – Smugglers and Spies’ Along the Gamor Run. Finally this faction seems to be slowing down a bit after a massively great run of overpowered and steam rolling cards. This set I can see being a possible splash for the Jedi affiliation more so than Smugglers. The objective card allows you to reveal the top card of your command deck to add the force icons of that card to your side during the force struggle. Not bad, but not too effective for Smugglers at this stage when they’re already running over the top without the need of holding the force. Moving on to the next card, Hyperspace Marauder, which has the reaction ability to allow you to put into play a unit of cost 1 or lower from your hand when you win the force struggle but only while committed to the force. Seems a bit of a waste to me, especially with combat icons that don’t really make this card amazing anyway. Best use of this ability would be for the Hired Hands cards (which are a brilliant addition) also in this set or more so with Bothan Spies or Twilek Loyalists. Unphased by this set but we’ll see what kind of play it gets.

I'll take that...

I’ll take that…

Lastly, set number four – my favourite, Scum and Villainy’s The Slave Trade. Here comes the well-deserved and much needed injection for Scum that has been lacking since the beginning. I love this set. Straight away the objective card gives you two abilities – a reaction to capture the top card of an opponent’s deck after winning the force struggle and a forced reaction to return a captured card from this objective when you lose the force struggle, both carrying ‘if able’ keywords. Add to that the damage capacity of 6 and already you’re laughing. An easier method of capturing cards for Scum to activate a lot more of their inherent abilities will make this game much more exciting and entertaining. Checking out the rest of this set we get Zygerrian Slaver which allows you, once per turn, to return a captured card to draw two cards. Drawing cards at will when able can mean the difference between winning and losing at any point of the game so this is very powerful for Scum players. Next we have two Galactic Scum units, a 1 cost/3 damage capacity unit with edge-enables tactics and a black unit damage. Cheap units for defense? Great, will never turn that away. Slaver Holding Cells makes its debut to the game to give Scum some much needed affiliation resources. Another sweet, sweet boost. Lastly, but definitely not least of all, Relentless Pursuit.

...and that.

…and that.

This is the objective set winner. Heck, for me, the entire pack winner. A 1 cost event with three force icons with the action to reveal a captured card and search your opponent’s deck for a copy of that card, capture it and then shuffle their deck. Incredible! Open your objectives with a Jabba’s Orders, look at their hand, play Get me Solo!, steal that bomb unit from their hand then drop Relentless Pursuit to nab another copy of it from their deck. I would almost class this card as a shutdown card. It’s amazing and I can not wait to trip up some players with this one.



Well, that about covers it, and maybe it wasn’t so much a quick overview but once you get this train rolling it ain’t stopping. All that’s missing from this Force Pack is the Sith objective that we know is called The Plan of the Prophetess and brings with it the unique unit Sariss and an event called Deadly Sight. You can check out the initial news post for this Force Pack here otherwise pore over these cards and leave some comments below or in the forums and let me know your thoughts or simply tell me I’m wrong. All-in-all, this set looks pretty great and I can’t wait to see the remainder of this cycle.

Stay tuned to ATGN for a review of the next set and don’t forget this Sunday is International Star Wars Day.

May the fourth be with you.

– Kuso

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