Ironman Tournament @ Gauntlet

Iron Man @ Gauntlet

Iron Man @ Gauntlet

It’s been a while but I’m back on top! Going to rock this world like a Dixie Cup! After some downtime due to injury and the endless onslaught with the demon that is university I was able to shimmy on down to Gauntlet this past Saturday for the inaugural Iron Man tournament. This event had been gathering some well deserved interest in the preceding weeks and it did not disappoint!

The folks down at Gauntlet had the event well organised with prizes galore in the form of M14 booster packs and the top prize, the grail, the powerhouse – a From the Vault: Twenty! (You can check out all of it’s gooey insides over here and an interview with the designer here). The turnout for the event was strong with 30+ competitors joining in for the fray all keen on that first place prize but probably more so to tear up some of those most hated cards. The cards in question were all provided from M12 Battle Boosters which gave players 70 cards (including basic lands) to build a deck to a maximum of 60 cards and no minimum restriction. It was free reign!

Spoils of war - an FtV: 20!

Spoils of war – an FtV: 20!

Dat Jace.

Dat Jace.









The madness got underway just after 11 o’clock and by 11:01 saw the first cardboard victim go down. By 11:15 most games were already over with a pile of card pieces adorning each table. For those players knocked out in the first round, Gauntlet offered up a ‘Buyback’ round to the first round losers which included myself. Thankfully, I was able to win my buyback round thanks very much to a Primordial Hydra. The day progressed much in the same manner, some people losing half their decks while others losing only two or three cards.  As most of you faithful readers would be aware, M12 revealed all of our favourite planeswalker: Jace, Memory Adept. He proved to be an asset for several turns for one lucky player but eventually succumbed to the eventual hate you would expect him to pull. See the video of his demise right here:


Aftermath of cards.

Aftermath of cards.

As the day continued and the pile of torn, ripped, shredded, unrecognisable cards began to grow more and more, the number of players whittled down to the final match between fellow BTGN Contributor Jonathon Winters and Gauntlet local Brenton Oliver. Jonathon had amassed enough cards from his opponents throughout the day to put together a solid mono-white Griffin deck while Brenton chose to compile his deck with lots of red shock and Bloodthirst mechanic creatures, the star of which was Stormblood Berserker. After a few Chandra’s Outrages, Goblin Fireslingers and over-the-top damage from those bloodthirsty Bersekers, the match was over and Brenton victorious and the happy new owner of an FtV: Twenty. It was a little difficult to determine the EXACT makeup of his final deck with most of it in pieces on the sidelines but I was able to secure a quick few questions from the man himself.

Brenton and his new From the Vault: Twenty!

Brenton and his new From the Vault: Twenty!

Kuso: Congratulations first of all! Out of all of these players, were you expecting to come here and secure the win today?

Brenton: Not at all, I play casually most of the time.

K: Now you did go down first round. Were you expecting to make it through the buyback round?

B: It was pretty tough going from one loss down to try and win again but I learnt from the cards I put together in my first deck and the cards my opponent had and put together something I though could counteract those with if I saw them again.

K: That’s really cool! Out of all the cards you went through today, what cards were you sad to see torn up?

B: To be honest, the bloodthirst Berserkers. I mean, they have to be blocked by two creatures so basically it’s double the cost for my opponent to get rid of it which is great but they were hard to come by because they are uncommon.

K: So you really had to weigh up the cost of the card versus the cost for your opponent’s?

B:  Yeah, I really had to think it through most of the time and think ahead on the opponent’s reactions.

K: Strategy is key in this kind of event. So then out of all the cards you did see today, was there one card in particular you really, really wanted to see added to the pile?

B: My favourite planeswalker, Gideon Jura. I really wanted to see him get ripped apart but he made it through the fray.

K: We did see poor Jace get shredded but Gideon must still be hiding around here somewhere. Lastly, with your spoils of the day, your new From the Vault: Twenty, do you think you’ll use any of these cards in your casual play decks?

B: I do play a lot of Legacy and most of them fit that genre so I’ll use pretty much all of them at some stage I’m sure.

K: Great! Thanks very much and best of luck with the next tournament!

B: Thank you!

Gauntlet also had the offering to all other players to win some M14 boosters with some card reconstruction competitions on the side. The challenge was put up to see who could reconstruct the biggest card and also who could reconstruct the most near-mint card. The largest card went to Dee, Matt, Paige, and Liam which netted them two boosters each.

Dee and her mismatched giant of a card!

Dee and her mismatched giant of a card!

The most near-mint card went to Gauntlet’s own Ben with his superb reconstruction of an M12 Zombie creature token. The close runner up was BTGN’s Kris with his fine craftmenship on a Shock.

Zombie winner - reconstructed "near-mint" card.

Zombie winner – reconstructed “near-mint” card.

Runner-up - Shock "near-mint" card.

Runner-up – Shock “near-mint” card.

Congratulations and commiserations to all winners, players and tearful losers who participated in this amazing event. If you weren’t able to make it down to the event then make sure you keep glued to BTGN for more upcoming events around Brisbane such as this.

Now I put the question to all of our readers: if you could tear up one card, any card, no matter which set, colour, rarity, or cost, what would it be and why? For me, I’d have no troubles tearing up an Inaction Injunction or any other Azorious cards for that matter. I look forward to all the answers and the venting of frustration.

Thanks for reading!

– Kuso

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