Hot Seat or Just a Warm Chair?

Typically when I look at board games, there are a few different categories. Firstly we have games for children (such as Snakes and Ladders), then we have casual games for older ages (Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit) and lastly we have party games.

The game I am looking at today is firmly in the latter category, a game called Hot Seat.

Hot Seat is a game for 4 to 10 people and is made by Player Ten Games. It is advertised as an adult game of players 17+.

Essentially gameplay boils down to this; the person in the Hot Seat picks up three cards from the pile and chooses a question of one of those cards. They then write down their answer on a piece of paper. Everybody else playing also writes down what they think that answer is. All the answers are collected up by the person in the Hot Seat and read aloud to the group. Players vote on which answer they think is the one written by the person in the Hot Seat. Points are scored depending on who votes for what answer. That’s pretty much it.

I played this game a couple of times with a couple of different groups of friends. Depending on the types of people you play with the game could be very amusing or particularly boring. It all depends on the imagination of the people you play with. It also depends on the boundaries which the people you play with have. Some of the answers that came up in my first game I could definitely not repeat here. The second game, at first at least, was a bit more on the sedate side. A couple of the players didn’t really get their heads around making up amusing answers. They went with things that were very truthful and easy to guess.

I’ve not played too many party games because usually they don’t particularly interest me, but I have played a few and I’m happy to say that this one is one I would play again. Whereas something like Cards Against Humanity takes boundaries and busts them down forcibly with what’s written on it’s cards, that is not the case with Hot Seat. All the questions I’ve seen so far have been pretty tame. Each question could be taken in a risque fashion, but it can also be family friendly as well. As is the case with most party games, the more people the better. The introduction of a few drinks to loosen up everyone’s tongues also would probably help in playing this game, but it is not necessary.

Hot Seat

A downside, perhaps, is the need of both the score card and small pieces of paper to write the answers on. The game does come with 10 small pads each with quite a few sheets and a scorecard pad. If you play this game very frequently, I could see those items running out rather quickly. To get significant use out of this game you would have to find other small pads or other small pieces of paper.

The website,, has it listed at $25 US. That isn’t a bad price for a party game of this nature. There are also three expansions available for it, also from that same site.

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