Hi! Welcome to Brisbane Tabletop Gaming News

hello-my-name-isHey there!  Welcome to Brisbane Tabletop Gaming News (B.T.G.N.).  We have some really big plans, exciting plans, ambitious plans.  We are hoping that you can join us.

If you will excuse the cliche, the idea came to me as lightning from a clear sky.  An epiphany if you will.  I was excited.  I was motivated.  I did some web searching and I spoke to some people “in the industry”.  I looked and looked and continually discovered that there was no on-site news reporting websites in Queensland.  There where none in the whole of Australia.  There where a tonne of video game review sites, pop culture sites and yes, some tabletop gaming sites but they weren’t visiting locations, they weren’t conducting interviews, they weren’t hands on.

So then I became really excited.  I bounced the idea of a few colleagues, just to see if they where interested in getting something off the ground.  The response was very positive.  So I spoke to my web designer and got the ball rolling.

I quickly realised I was going to need more than just two or three people to really cover all the news I wanted to cover.  After all this isn’t a full-time position, it’s a group of dedicated gamers giving up their spare time to cover gaming in South-East Queensland.  So I put out some adverts on Facebook and a couple of forums.  Again, as before, the response was really positive.

So now it’s all about getting content up.  Lots of content.  Lots of good content.  Hopefully by the time you read this there are already a dozen or more stories up for you to browse through with the morning coffee.

Together we are going to make this an amazing website.  Join me for an adventure?

— Toby

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