Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden Review

Many thanks to japanimeGAMES for providing Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden for this review. This review contains honest opinions about the game focusing on its quality and gameplay. 

Beyond Heart of Crown’s base game and expansions, comes Fairy Garden – a stand alone expansion that adds Fairy Queen Elrune along with some new cards. I am happy to say it was an entertaining to play as it offers the following:

  • Brand new card synergies! (As a new base card set.)
  • New and thought provoking strategies.
  • Variety by being interchangeable with previous sets (under certain conditions).
  • Has base game essentials: Farming Villages, Cities, Large Cities, Curse Card, Imperial Crown and Succession Cards.

If this is the first time you’ve seen this review, I would check my first article to have a better understanding with how Heart of Crown plays. For now, I’ll highlight five key cards that make Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden a worthwhile game of choice.

Key Cards

  1. Leaf Fairy– Ok. This is why you buy the expansion. Do you know how many 4 cost and less cards are in the game? A lot. Not only is gaining a card for free huge but only having to discard a Farming Village to get the 4 cost Non-Territory Card from the discard pile? Sign me up. Each player starts with seven Farming Villages in their decks so finding one isn’t too hard. Overall amazing card.
  2. Plantation- More value than a city, get ore gold AND get three Farming Villages. In this expansion, Farming Villages are your prime resource for activating effects on cards like: Leaf Fairy, Harvest Festival, etc. A great way to fill your deck with gold and card synergy.
  3. Travelling Entertainer– Having the choice between gaining gold or drawing cards is pretty good for a 3 cost. During earlier parts of the game, it helps to draw out of a dead hand or gain gold when needed. I’d rate this card as a great early pick up. However, it loses its effectiveness towards the later stages of the game since you would rather use other card effects.
  4. Spy– A 2 cost card that allows you to gain gold, follow up with another card with two action arrows AND possibly disrupt your opponents draw pile. However, it is dependent on your opponent’s top card to be effective so I would rate it great if its able to disrupt the deck.
  5. Coalition– It gives players a way to get Farming Village consistently from the discard to hand to use in other card effects, e.g. Leaf Fairy, whilst making the deck smaller by trading out the Farming Villages.

Honourable Mentions

  • Fairy Queen Elrune- Strong Comeback Card but can be expensive to get too hard to get.

Card Synergies

  • Leaf Fairy + Crossbow Regiment– Words cannot describe how infuriating this combo is to play against but I’ll try my best. Being able to Leaf Fairy to pick it up from discard and then using it to disrupt your opponent’s hand from the start can ruin their following turn. During testing, this happened to me three times in a row and it costed me the game. Very powerful combination.
  • Leaf Fairy + Nymph- Constantly shredding your opponent’s deck down to nothing and getting rid of most of the quality cards in their deck is pretty devastating.
  • Librarian +Messenger– A good way to stack your deck with the cards you want if your deck has a way to draw through a large number of cards.
  • Guild Master +Sub Type of Choice– A good way to gain succession points by having a large number of subtypes to play in a deck, e.g. you can center it around Military and draft cards of that sub.

Worth Getting?

Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden is an expansion that employs a significant amount of hand disruption cards. There is also a focus on Farming Villages as a way for people to draw through their deck and as card activators for other abilities.

Having a standalone expansion with all the latest princesses included can be great to have as a different game to play but can also be a bit inconvenient since you have to repurchase a whole game. That being said, it offers enough new synergies and strategies to consider it as a good purchase (even if you already own some of the games). In my opinion, it’s worthwhile and if you would like to mix cards from previous sets, make sure to remove Imperial Capital from the game along with:

  • Any defense cards
  • Heart of Crown: Battering Ram, Buried Treasure, Glamour Witch, Infantry Battalion, Royal Guard, Shinobi and Stargazing Witch
  • Far East Territory: Archers and Samurai

Retailing at: $49.95 if you are keen head over to the japANIME games website to get more information on obtaining your own copy today!

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