Heart of Crown Expansions Review

Disclaimer: Heart of Crown Expansions: Far East Territory and Northern Enchantress were given in exchange for their respective, honest reviews. Many thanks to japanimeGAMES.

Beyond Heart of Crown, there are two expansions available for play: Far East Territory and Northern Enchantress. Both offer new mechanics, cards and strategies that lend themselves to an intermediate level of play beyond the base game. I enjoyed my time with both expansions and I hope this review convinces you that they are ones you should pick up following Heart of Crown.

If you missed my original review of Heart of Crown you can find it here.

Both expansions contain the following:

  • 61 Cards
  • 12 Randomiser Cards
  • 12 Dividers
  • Rulebook

To start with, I’ll briefly go over my thoughts on each card and wrap up my play experience towards the end. Feel free to scroll to the end to help decide on grabbing any/both expansions!

Far East Territory

Having extra tokens to disrupt opponents purchases, accelerating the acquisition of high value cards and trading unnecessary cards away gives players multiple advantages to snowball the game in their victory.

Greedy Fairy

A Coin Area acts as seperate from the play area, a designated zone where counters are stored. Combos well with: Mining City, Levies, Confederation and Any Card with a ‘Generate Tokens’ Effect.

Carrier Pigeon

Combines well with: High Cost/ Valuable Action Cards or gaining Succession Cards from the discard pile to succeed in the same turn.


Great for thinning the deck and subsequent deliberate stacking and discarding with Library (Heart of Crown Base Game).


Thankfully, there is no chain to this card, otherwise that would make it unfair. Rude way to disrupt your opponent by choosing a market stack you know they want to go for.

Port City

Vanilla Territory card that is special in its double chain. Having just two is enough to help your deck combo easier into any other action cards e.g. Greedy Fairy (second effect)+ Levies

Mining City

A Mine Area has the same function as the Coin Area only as a seperate zone. Ore Counters serve the same function as Counters. Mining City is a great way to accelerate your deck by generating coins and buying into high value cards. However, it has a heavy drawback of -4 Succession points, and when played to obtain a princess, players would have to carry that negative value.

Apprentice Witch

Serves as both disruption, deck thinning and possible stacking with a card like Library to draw cards players need.


A disruption card that forces opponents to get rid of valuable cards while netting you 2 gold. I feel having 2 or more in a deck is ineffective as 2 gold is low and it contains no chain links. However, if this card had more targets in game (4 players) then investing in more might be good.


Despite its high cost and no chain links, Tally is the epitome of deck thinning. Being able to banish two cards from game is a strong way to get rid of dead cards in deck. Helpful for making sure you draw what you need in subsequent turns.


The ability to gain coins while disrupting opponents is always good to draft. Especially Archers, where you can gain a coin each time you play an attack card. This means that the amount of coins you could net per turn has no limit and fully depends on the attack cards played in a turn.


Using your opponent’s cards against them is a great way to win the game without expending resources. I can see drafting Kunoichi with heaps of draw and low cost cards to quickly succeed into victory.


Scoring succession points in a different manner, Confederation focuses on playing itself and sub types that chain easily. For example, chaining multiple attacks (Military) to gain Confederation’s +1 succession effect.

Northern Enchantress

From cursed dolls to earning Succession points passively, this second expansion gives players different options to win the game without having to Succeed cards.

Cursed Doll

Having more people in game gives Cursed Doll its value – disrupting multiple players’ by leaving them less money and options for their turn. It’s a great card to disrupt your opponent by forcing them to pay coins to pass it off to the next person and you would not need to obtain it in high amounts for it to be effective.

Elven Sniper

Using the Elven Sniper in conjunction with Princess of the North Anastasia lets you discard the Curse left at the top of your deck whilst drawing another card. Having 2 chain links along with its attack card type makes this card worth acquiring if running Archers.

Noble Heiress

A Succession card that you can play to succeed with certain conditions. Being unable to play a Farming Village or any abilities to acquire this card makes it more of a late game draft. Noble Heiress may be harder to obtain but provides more succession points for the same value as a Senator. Worth picking up a few during draft.

Strife in the Court

A great early disruption card to acquire while earning you some coins. However, because there are no chains, I would recommend to play just a few in the deck. Late game, Strife in the Court becomes more of a liability.

Industrial City

At first glance, Industrial City might be an expensive investment yet I feel this card has lasting value. In the early game, it gets you two coins (similar to a city) and its 6 cost is great for storing high cost action cards when you back your princess of choice.

Famed Horse

A utility card that offers flexibility in a turn at a decent cost. For 3 coins and discarding a card, a player is able to draw 2 cards whilst having two chains available. Can be compared to an upgraded Post Horse and is worth drafting multiples to cycle through the deck.

Regional Officer

A great way to ensure Succeeding for 6 in the following turn, Regional Officer lets you stack your deck with Senator cards equal to the number of cards banished from hand with a maximum of two. I’d say this card is great as a late game pick up otherwise, in the early stages it does not help you draw cards or have any chains which might be detrimental to set up.


Devastating 6 cost card that activates from hand to disrupt your opponents game plan by banishing a non-rare card in their entire play area. I would not see many in deck due to its high cost, but having one at just the right time is brutal and can set people back if they’ve acquired multiples of the same card.

Cait Sith

A cheap and effective way to cycle through the deck. I would draft heaps of this card to a deck as it combos on itself. By letting you draw and stack the bottom card of your draw pile if you wish and playing another Cait Sith, it’s a great way to fish for cards.

Lucky Piece

One of many draw cards that offers one of three choices, with one to banish a curse from hand adds to its utility. I would definitely aim to draft a few of these in deck.

Dwarven Jeweler

Here is a card that gives players a different option to victory: Playing Dwarven Jewelers each turn to add Succession counters into play. 2 Sucession counters may not seem like a lot, but over time they can add up especially when you have cards like Greedy Fairy which lets you clone counters.

Having no chain makes this card tricky to play but when its conditions are met, it can serve as a way to win without having to succeed each turn.


Similar to Dwarven Jeweler’s win condition, Baptism adds Sucession counters based on half the cost of a non-territory card (rounded down) banished from your discard. Banishing cards no longer needed can free up your deck for future turns and having one gold and a chain makes Baptism a good card to draft multiples of.

Merchant Prince

Being able to acquire a Large City at a discount makes Merchant Prince amazing to draft in the early game. As the deck refreshes, so does the Merchant Prince and players are able to add large cities with reckless abandon. However, it is acceleration at the cost of being useless later in game. I would draft only a few of these and try to banish them late game with Baptism.

Northern Enchantress and Far East Territory Gameplay

I’ve used the following sets for the Heart of Crown Expansions:


Far East Territory: Greedy Fairy, Archers, Mining City

Base Set: Contribution, Rampart, Post Horse, Battering Ram, Library, Infantry Battalion, Alchemist. 

Witch and Church 

Northern Enchantress: Cait Sith, Lucky Piece, Baptism, Strife in the Court, Dwarves Jeweller, Noble Heiress. 

Base Set: Scout, Post Horse, City Development, Curse Witch

Trailblazing Scandal 

Northern Enchantress: Famed Horse, Dwarven Jeweler

Far East Territory: Mining City, Tally 

Base Set: Wishing Well, Alchemist, Bank, Gossipy Duchess

Overall Thoughts

When I’ve played with Far East Territory and Northern Enchantress, I found that both expansions have added more diversity extending beyond cards in Heart of Crown. By providing princesses with abilities that can be used each turn, players are inclined to plan out their turns in advance whilst practicing efficient card management. 

For example, in Witch and Church the Princess of the North Anastasia lets me take a Curse Card from the table and place it revealed on my draw pile while I choose an Action Card from the Market (Costing 5 or less) adding it to my hand.

Since this ability can be used anytime during the Main Phase, you can plan out your turn to discard the curse with Post Horse or remove it from deck- ability use, draw curse by (Alchemist) and playing (Tally).

I’ve used it to add Curse Witch in my hand to chain them together to disrupt my opponent. In hindsight, I feel I got too carried away and ended up clogging my deck while my opponent was able to draft heaps of draw to mitigate deck clumping. 

Additionally, while the rules are quite intuitive, there was a vague description on counters and where they are placed. An example, (Mining City) states, “set aside 2 Ore Counters in a Mine Area” with no mention of either in all rulebooks provided.

On top of that, it is hard to interpret the style of the border to determine a rare. While distinct card designs are good, card rarities should be obvious and based on a distinct symbol. An example would be a card game like Pokemon that has different types of symbols i.e. circle for common and diamond for rare shown on the bottom corner of the card.

Confusions and my gripe aside, it’s a few small criticisms that does not affect the overall positive experience I had.

Overall Score: 9/10

I would recommend getting both expansions as they:

  • Add new princesses that have a risk vs reward mechanic. Northern Enchantress adds curse cards to gain better cards while Far East Princess of Sums Ohka banishes 2 from hand to choose a card from market equal to the cost of banished cards.
  • Let games go on for longer due to the amount of disruption in both expansions. During one game I went into sudden death, barely scraping the win by a few points.
  • Introduce new cards that add different ideas, strategies and experiences when playing Heart of Crown.
  • Provide more complexity and different ways to earn succession points.

Overall Score: 9/10

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